Welcome to Justin's Hometown: Northfield Center Township, Ohio!


Originally called Olde Northfield, my hometown was founded in 1807 by Isaac Bacon and his family. Eventually, Olde Northfield split into four separate communities, which remain to this day: Macedonia, Sagamore Hills, Northfield Village, and of course, Northfield Center Township. Today the communities share a school district, the name thereof being a clever example of clipping and blending: Nordonia Hills Schools.


Though my family moved to Northfield when I was in the third grade, my father had actually grown up there himself. Certain things had changed since then; what had been his high school building was my middle school. My mother was an active community member who served on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Zoning Commission up until 2003, when we moved to Michigan. I have fond memories of our home: picking blackberries from the bushes in our yard to make fresh pies, swimming in our pool during the summer, and of course running amok in the neighborhood and the nearby woods with all the other kids.


The Historical Society of Olde Northfield meets at the Palmer House Museum, which offers free tours to the public and is the place to go for our town's history. Northfield Park, though technically in Northfield Village, was constructed by famous mobster Al Capone as a greyhound racing track, but now features harness racing, and is the only racetrack in the world with its own microbrewery. And if you're looking for a cool treat in the summer, forget Dairy Queen; Rosati's Frozen Custard is famous for its fresh, delicious custard and special monthly flavors.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The mighty Cuyahoga ('crooked river' in Iroquoian) runs throughout Summit and Cuyahoga counties into Lake Erie. The Cuyahoga River Valley became a national park, and features spectacular sights along the many trails, including the Brandywine Gorge trail and Brandywine Falls in Sagamore Hills, as well as the famous Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail. I have fond memories of hiking and biking throughout the National Park with my family and enjoying the wonderful sights and sounds of nature there.


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Summit County Map

Map of Summit County (Northfield Center in red)

palmer house

Palmer House Museum


Rosati's Frozen Custard


Brandywine Falls