Novokuznetsk, Russia

 Novokuznetsk, Russia
 Hometown of Uliana

Welcome to Uliana's Hometown: Novokuznetsk, Russia!

I come from a small town in south-west of Siberia. Yes, Siberia! I know it sounds crazy, but I've lived there for my entire life, and trust me, it's not that bad ;) Even though some people think that Siberia is a wild place with eternal winter, it's not completely true:) We have schools, businesses and even night clubs, a lot of them... Probably too many. Just kidding! ;) But, seriously, there are quite a few of them out there. Since Novokuznetsk is located in the South West of Siberia, we do have all four seasons, which means that winters are extremely cold, but summers are very hot too! So no matter what season you get in there, there are many things to see, visit and do in Novokuznetsk and around it.


Novokuznetsk has the population of 600 000. It is an industrial town with a lot of factories and mains which constitute the main income of the town, but this is so boring so I'm just going skip that and get right away to the fun part. Yay!

There are a lot of fun places to visit in Novokuznetsk. Like museums, theaters and city parks. Two biggest museums are the Museum of Art of Novokuznetsk and the Museum of Local Lore.


Palace of Culture Aljuminchikov is a place where I danced ballet and performed in different ballet shows since I was 6 until 18 years old. They hold new shows and performances every other season.

When you are tired of museums and theaters you can go see an ice hockey game in the biggest stadium of the town “Metallurg”. We have an ice hockey team Metallurg Novokuznetsk that is playing in the Continental Hockey League.


Or if you just want to relax and enjoy your time you can visit Novokuznetsk’s Circus. The circus of Novokuznetsk is as big as Moscow circus and very good as all Russian circuses.

Kuznetskaja Krepost (Kuznetsk Fortress) is located on a hill that gives you great panoramic view to the whole town. Visit the fortress to enjoy the panoramic view on Novokuznetsk especially during the summer when numerous events and holidays are organized in the Kuznetsk Fortress and of course you can participate to all these celebrations with local people.


Honestly, this is the pride and honor of my hometown. Beautiful orthodox cathedrals. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral is the oldest orthodox cathedral of the town. It was built in 16th century.

The Cathedral of Christ's Nativity was open in 2012 as a memorial to the Novokuznetsk mariners and is now the biggest orthodox catherdral in town.



It's a great little town. Come visit sometime! From Siberia with love!

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