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  • April 22
    Film screening of "The Linguists" David Harrison, Swarthmore College
    Prof. Harrison gave a private screening to a capacity audience at the Halle Library of Eastern Michigan University on a new documentary film depicting the plight of several endangered languages in remotea areas of Bolivia, India and and Siberia. The film is based on fieldwork conducted by Harrison and his colleague, Gregory Anderson of the Living Tongues Institute. A short trailer can be viewed at the link above.

  • March 27
    "Doing fieldwork on a Native American language: Montana Salish" Sally Thomason, University of Michigan
    The presentation was a good introduction to the basic in starting fieldwork on an American Indian language. Topics included getting contacts and permissions, collecting basic information on word order and paradigms, clarifying the goals of lexical data collection, illustrating elicitation techniques, and pointing out a few pitfalls in doing fieldwork.

  • March 23
    "Mapping grammar in discourse: A proposal for exploring Ahtna Athabaskan directionals with GIS" Andrea Berez, Department of Linguistics, University of California-Santa Barbara
    This presentation explored the possibility of using GIS technology to map the grammatical systems of location, direction, and path found in specific hunting narratives by speakers of Ahtna, a highly endangered language in southcentral Alaska. The visualization aid resulting from an integration of this rich grammatical system with mapped and named locations could lead to a better understanding of the discourse structure of these texts.

  • March 8
    " Wikipedia Brown Bag Lunch" Marshall Poe, University of Iowa
    Prof. Poe, Eastern Michigan University's McAndless Scholar for 2007-2008 and an well-known commentator on the Wikipedia phenomenon, met with the ILIT/LINGUIST crew to praise their efforts to update linguistics articles in the online encyclopedia. He also made creative suggestions for publicizing other ILIT research projects, especially LL-MAP and Multi-Tree, suggesting a broad range of media outlets and possibilities.

  • 2007

    • June 22
      "Garden-Pathing and Surprisal: Word-to-Word Dependencies"
      by Marisa Ferrara Boston, Department of Linguistics, Michigan State University
    • June 18
      "Progress Report on Tjupan, an endangered language of Western Australia"
      by Jessica Boynton, EMU Fulbright scholar, 2007-2008
    • May 25
      "Selected Topics in Language Technology"
      by Robert Reck, RReckTek, Inc.
    • May 21
      "Field Audio Formats and Preservation"
      by Mike Casey, Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University
    • March 19
      " Aspects of Copyright for Linguists"
      by Paul Newman, Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan
    • February 16
      "A Universal Corpus"
      by Steven Abney, Department of Linguistics, University of Michigan

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