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The conference rooms of the ILIT suites in the Cooper Building at EMU are often booked for informal lectures, project workshops, and other kinds of presentations related to ILIT's mission and projects. ILIT staff members are actively engaged in hosting and organizing national and international workshops and conferences that involve the application of digital technology to linguistics, and particularly to the documentation of endangered languages.

Guest lectures are given by invited visiting scholars or recent ILIT alumni, and topics range from aspects of computational linguistics research, digital technologies that follow best practice for language documentation and preservation, to fieldwork reports and experiences linguists have had while working on endangered languages.

ILIT hosts or co-hosts workshops and conferences throughout the year related to its current projects or services. These may be held either at EMU or elsewhere at national or international meetings and conferences.

ILIT crew members are active in representing the Institute at various national and international workshops and conferences, giving presentations on specific aspects of ongoing ILIT research projects, or attending sessions and making professional contacts with colleagues from around the world.

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