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In 1999, LINGUIST received a grant from the National Science Foundation (SBR-9975299) to host and archive linguistics mailing lists. The goal was to make accessible all lingustics and language-related mailing lists via a single searchable interface. An important feature of the site is that it keeps lists in its archives long after they may have become inactive.

At this site, users can browse and search all or a subset of the more than 130 linguistics-related mailing lists available in the archives via the Multi-List Search Engine. In addition, users can search active or archived lists by linguistic subfield or subject language.

Users may also sign up for a free subscription to the LINGUIST mailing list, in two versions. LINGUIST is a full-text version of the mailing list whereby readers receive every issue as soon as it is posted, several times a day. LINGLITE is a daily summary of each day's postings, with links to the issues online.

Another easy way to keep abreast of current LINGUIST issues is by signing up to receive RSS feeds of the daily news; these deliver the topic and title of each issue directly to your desktop.

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