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25.4206 Support: Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining / USA Kevin Cohen
25.4207 Support: General Linguistics / United Kingdom Veronika Koller
25.4208 Review: Sociolinguistics: Vihman, Praakli (2013) Elizabeth Adeolu
25.4209 Confs: Syntax/Germany Thomas Strobel
25.4210 Confs: English, Discourse Analysis, Translation/Italy Gloria Cappelli
25.4211 Confs: Catalan-Valencian-Balear, Discourse Analysis, Lang Acquisition, Pragmatics/Spain Oliver Strunk
25.4212 TOC: Journal of Pragmatics 72 (2014) Christopher Tancock
25.4213 Books: Grammar and Dialogism: Günthner, Bücker, Imo (eds.) Linda Steglich
25.4214 Books: The Syntax-Information Structure Interface: Gupton Linda Steglich
25.4215 Books: Syllable and Word Languages: Caro Reina, Szczepaniak (eds.) Linda Steglich
25.4216 Books: Varietätenkontakt und Standardisierung im mittelalterlichen Französisch: Grübl Maria Manderfeld
25.4217 Books: Deutsche Grammatik verstehen und unterrichten: Granzow-Emden Maria Manderfeld
25.4218 Books: Aspektdistinktionen im Vergleich: Sioupi Maria Manderfeld
25.4219 TOC: Journal of Pragmatics, 73 (2014) Christopher Tancock
25.4220 TOC: Russian Linguistics 38/3 (2014) Helen van der Stelt
25.4221 TOC: Journal of Logic, Language and Information 23/4 (2014) Helen van der Stelt
25.4222 TOC: Morphology 24/3 (2014) Helen van der Stelt
25.4223 Jobs: Neurolinguistics; Phonetics; Psycholinguistics: Post Doc, Purdue University
25.4224 Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Voice UI Designer, [24]7 Inc.
25.4225 Jobs: Indo-European; Historical Linguistics: Rank Open, University of California, Los Angeles
25.4226 Calls: Semantics, Pragmatics, Philosophy of Lang, Historical Ling/Belgium Marijke De Belder
25.4227 Calls: English, Applied Ling, Philosophy of Lang/China Isanka Gamage
25.4187 Books: Reconciling Indo-European Syllabification: Cooper Stephanie Paalvast
25.4188 Books: Diffusion and Change in Early Middle English: Studer-Joho Maria Manderfeld
25.4189 Books: Metaphor and Intercultural Communication: Musolff, MacArthur, Pagani (eds.) Dora Coventry
25.4190 Books: Rules of Use: Lamb Dora Coventry
25.4191 Books: The Language of War Monuments: Machin, Abousnnouga Dora Coventry
25.4192 Books: Retranslation: Deane-Cox Dora Coventry
25.4193 Calls: Historical Linguistics; Sociolinguistics/ Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics (Jrnl) Linda Steglich
25.4194 Calls: English; Applied Linguistics/ ESP Today - Journal of English for Specific Purposes at Tertiary Level (Jrnl) Biljana Radic-Bojanic
25.4195 Calls: English; Portuguese; Applied Linguistics/ BELT - Brazilian English Language Teaching Journal (Jrnl) Karina Molsing
25.4196 Confs: Socioling, Text/Corpus Ling, Syntax, Lang Documentation, Typology/Switzerland Simone Ueberwasser
25.4197 Calls: Philosophy of Language, Pragmatics, Semantics/UK Minyao Huang
25.4198 Calls: Semantics, Pragmatics, Philosophy of Language/Belgium Koen Roelandt
25.4199 Confs: Pragmatics/Canada Gaétane Dostie
25.4200 Support: English, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish; Discourse Analysis, Lang Pedagogy, Professional Communication, Text/Corpus Ling, Translation / Norway Dagmar Haumann
25.4201 Support: Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Polish, Russian, Spanish; Morphology, Phonetics, Phonology, Socioling, Syntax / United Kingdom Neil Bermel
25.4202 FYI: ARISC Collaborative Heritage Management Grant 2014 Talin Lindsay
25.4203 Calls: French, Text/Corpus Linguistics/France Samira Ibnelkaïd
25.4204 Calls: General Linguistics/USA Kayleigh Reyes
25.4205 Confs: Phonetics/France Jacqueline Vaissiere
25.4178 FYI: Forum for Modern Language Studies Prize 2015: Translating Cultures Wendy Anderson
25.4179 Jobs: Syntax: Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London
25.4180 Calls: Neurolinguistics, Linguistic Theories/Italy Anna Maria Di Sciullo
25.4181 Calls: Discourse Analysis/Italy Laura Di Ferrante
25.4182 Calls: General Linguistics/Japan Ida Toivonen
25.4183 Calls: English, Applied Linguistics/UK Prithvi Shrestha
25.4184 Calls: General Linguistics/Qatar Michael Grosvald
25.4185 Confs: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Text/Corpus Linguistics/Slovakia Martin Macura
25.4186 Qs: Online Survey: Native English Speakers Needed Catharina Müller

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