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25.3072 Books: Linguistic Variation in the Minimalist Framework: Picallo (ed.) Emma Turner
25.3071 Books: The Grammar of Names in Anglo-Saxon England: Colman Emma Turner
25.3070 Books: Introduction to Instructed Second Language Acquisition: Loewen Lisa Farkas
25.3069 Books: Vietnam War Slang: Dalzell Lisa Farkas
25.3068 Books: International Perspectives on Materials in ELT: Garton, Graves (eds.) Stephanie Morgan
25.3067 Books: Interpreter-mediated Police Interviews: Nakane Stephanie Morgan
25.3066 Qs: EFL Pronunciation Teaching in Your Country Marianna Kyprianou
25.3065 Calls: Neurolinguistics, Psycholinguistics/ East European Journal of Psycholinguistics (Jrnl) Serhii Zasiekin
25.3064 Qs: Online Questionnaire: How to Refuse Liz Cris
25.3063 Calls: Cognitive Science/ Journal of Cognitive Science (Jrnl) Younha Lee
25.3062 TOC: Language, Interaction and Acquisition Vol. 5, No. 1 (2014) Karin Plijnaar
25.3061 TOC: Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area Vol. 37, No. 1 (2014) Karin Plijnaar
25.3060 FYI: Christopher Brumfit Ph.D./Ed.D. Thesis Award 2013 Melissa Good
25.3059 Jobs: French; Haitian Creole; Applied Linguistics: Visiting Assistant Professor, Tulane University
25.3058 Calls: Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Historical Ling, Socioling/USA Doris Payne
25.3057 Confs: Historical Linguistics, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Typology/Italy Andrea Sansò
25.3056 Calls: General Linguistics/Germany Nicole Dehé
25.3055 Calls: Forensic Ling, Computational Ling, Text/Corpus Ling, Semantics/Japan Mi-Young Kim
25.3054 Qs: Afrikaans-native Speakers in Greater London Theodore Stern
25.3053 Qs: Voir 'to see' in imperative utterances Catherine Leger
25.3052 Qs: Role of content in 'value' of a language Thomas Hale
25.3051 Jobs: Multiple Languages; Computational Linguistics; Morphology; Syntax: Computational Linguist, Oracle
25.3050 Jobs: Multiple Languages; Translation: Translator, Valbin Corporation
25.3049 Jobs: Modified: General Linguistics: Post Doc, University of Frankfurt
25.3048 FYI: Free Access to Rhetorical Communication Articles Lauren Harvey
25.3047 Books: Charles Sanders Peirce in His Own Words: Thellefsen, Sørensen (eds.) Linda Steglich
25.3046 FYI: Proceedings: Australian Linguistic Society 2013 Jill Vaughan
25.3045 Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Post Doc, University of Frankfurt
25.3044 Review: Discourse Analysis: Nickerson, Planken & Bargiela-Chiappini (2013) Brad Miller
25.3043 Review: Historical Linguistics; Syntax; Typology: Josephson & Söhrman (2013) Anish Koshy
25.3042 Review: Historical Linguistics: Miller (2012) Maria Volkonskaya
25.3041 Review: Linguistic Theories; Syntax: Hartmann & Veenstra (2013) Avelino Corral Esteban
25.3040 Review: Discourse Analysis; Ling & Literature; Socioling: Labov (2013) Marta Lupica Spagnolo
25.3039 Review: Cognitive Science; Historical Ling; Linguistic Theories; Semantics; Typology: Goschler & Stefanowitsch (2013) Konrad Szczesniak
25.3038 Calls: Applied Linguistics/ International Journal of Language Studies (IJLS) (Jrnl) Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
25.3037 Calls: Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics/France Laurie Tuller
25.3036 Calls: Discourse Analysis/France Contact JéTou
25.3035 Calls: General Linguistics, Neurolinguistics, Psycholinguistics/USA Rolando Coto
25.3034 Jobs: Phonology: Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
25.3033 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Researcher/Scientist, University of Tuebingen
25.3032 FYI: Call for Chapter Proposals: Global Contexts of English Language Teaching and Learning José A. Álvarez V.
25.3031 Books: Zur Lexikographie der romanischen Sprachen: Dahmen, Winkelmann, Schweickard, Metzeltin, Holtus, Kramer (eds.) Maria Manderfeld
25.3030 Books: Scrambling ohne Informationsstruktur? [Scrambling without Information Structure? Prosodic, Semantic, and Syntactic Factors in German Word Order]: Struckmeier Linda Steglich
25.3029 Books: Die allmähliche Verfertigung der Diagnose im Reden [The Gradual Emergence of a Diagnosis in Discourse: Pre-Diagnostic Statements in Doctor-Patient Interaction]: Spranz-Fogasy Linda Steglich
25.3028 Books: Mediatization of Communication: Lundby (ed.) Linda Steglich
25.3027 Books: Sprache, Literatur und nationale Identität [Language, Literature, and National Identity: Debates on the Universal and the Particular in France and Germany]: Jurt Linda Steglich
25.3026 Confs: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics/Belgium Paul Bouissac
25.3025 Calls: General Linguistics/UK Fernanda Barrientos
25.3024 Calls: Forensic Linguistics/Italy Laura Mariottini
25.3023 Calls: Cognitive Sci, Neuroling, Psycholing, Phonetics, Phonology/Netherlands Jasmin Pfeifer

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