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26.3143 Summer Schools: Number: Crosslinguistic and Crossdisciplinary Approaches (7th International School in Cognitive Sciences and Semantics) / Riga, Latvia Jurgis Skilters
26.3142 FYI: Call for Chapter Proposals: Educating Refugee-Background Students Shawna Shapiro
26.3141 Jobs: Syntax: Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
26.3140 Calls: Cog Sci, Comp Ling, General Ling, Neuroling, Psycholing/Latvia Jurgis Skilters
26.3139 Jobs: Crow; General Linguistics; Language Documentation; Language Revitalization: Fieldworker, The Language Conservancy
26.3138 Qs: Essays Written by Native-English Speakers Jonathan Brown
26.3137 Calls: Anthropological Ling, Lang Documentation/Canada Heather Bliss
26.3136 Calls: Lang Acquisition, Phonetics, Phonology, Pragmatics, Semantics/Germany Arndt Riester
26.3135 Calls: General Linguistics/UK Jaroslaw Jozefowski
26.3134 Calls: Historical Linguistics; Sociolinguistics/ Travaux interdiscplinaires sur la parole et le langage (Jrnl) Joelle Lavaud
26.3133 Review: Historical Ling; Ling & Literature; Syntax: Bremmer, Laker, Vries (2014) Benjamin Jones
26.3132 Review: History of Ling; Lexicography: Roget (2014) Natallia Shulha
26.3131 Jobs: Translation: Assistant Professor, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
26.3130 Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Language Technician/Programmer, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
26.3129 Review: Socioling; Text/Corpus Ling: Cougnon, Fairon (2014) Michelle Johnson
26.3128 Diss: Applied Ling: Achilleas I. Kostoulas: 'A Complex Systems Perspective on English Language Teaching : A Case Study of a Language School in Greece' Achilleas Kostoulas
26.3127 Jobs: English; Japanese; Applied Linguistics; Discourse Analysis: Asst/Assoc Professor, Hokkaido University
26.3126 Books: Cuaderno I. Ejercicios de subjuntivo en español: Larrañaga Ulrich Lueders
26.3125 Books: Dictionnaire Ngbaka-Français: Meeuwis, Vanhoutte (eds.), Henrix Ulrich Lueders
26.3124 Books: Intercultural Communication in the Chinese Workplace: Du Nassima Bouchenak
26.3123 Books: Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching: Darasawang, Reinders Nassima Bouchenak
26.3122 Books: International Perspectives on English Language Teacher Education: Farrell Nassima Bouchenak
26.3121 Books: Transcultural Interaction and Linguistic Diversity in Higher Education: Fabricius, Preisler Nassima Bouchenak
26.3120 Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Faculty Fellow, New York University
26.3119 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; Semantics; Syntax; Translation: Researcher, DFKI GmbH
26.3118 Jobs: English; Morphology; Semantics; Syntax: Junior Linguist, Google
26.3117 Calls: Applied Ling, Cog Science, Disc Analysis, General Ling, Lang Acquisition/Poland Anna Prażmowska
26.3116 Review: Language Documentation; Typology: Barrie (2015) Craig Kopris
26.3115 Review: Historical Ling; Socioling; Writing Systems: Den Heijer, Pataridze, Schmidt (2014) Geoffrey Sampson
26.3114 Review: Applied Ling; Lang Acq; Socioling: Dunworth, Zhang (2014) Achilleas Kostoulas
26.3113 Review: Ling Theories; Morphology; Semantics; Syntax; Typology: Masini, Simone (2014) Volker Struckmeier
26.3112 Books: Trade Names in Contemporary Romanian Public Space: Bugheşiu Chris Humphrey
26.3111 Books: Interpersonal Prominence and International Presence: Zhang Chris Humphrey
26.3110 Books: Language across Languages: Miola, Ramat (eds.) Chris Humphrey
26.3109 Books: Contextualizing Translation Theories: Farghal, Almanna (eds.) Chris Humphrey
26.3108 Books: Chinese Pronunciation & Accents: Canepari, Cerini Ulrich Lueders
26.3107 Books: Chrestomathy of Ancient Greek Dialect Inscriptions: Bartoněk Ulrich Lueders
26.3106 Confs: Computational Ling, Morphology/Germany Michael Piotrowski
26.3105 Calls: Comp Ling, Discourse Analysis, Psycholing, Semantics, Text/Corpus Ling/Germany Ekaterina Lapshinova
26.3104 Calls: Applied Linguistics/Taiwan Chih-Ying Lin
26.3103 Calls: Chinese, Applied Linguistics/USA Nan Jiang
26.3102 Calls: General Linguistics/UK Rebecca Woods
26.3101 Calls: Comp Ling, Historical Ling, Lang Acquisition, Psycholing, Text/Corpus Ling/Germany Johannes Wahle
26.3100 Calls: Anthropological Ling, General Ling, Socioling/Georgia Stefanie Böhm
26.3099 Calls: Neuroling, Philosophy of Lang, Psycholing, Syntax/Italy Ermenegildo Bidese
26.3092 Review: AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW Helen Aristar-Dry
26.3093 Diss: Discourse Analysis, Sociolinguistics: Tyler A. Barrett: 'Effects of Babel in the Church: A Study of Language Planning, Policy and Practice in Japanese Ethnic Churches' Tyler Barrett
26.3097 Calls: Comp Ling, Lang Acquisition, Morphology, Phonetics, Phonology/Austria Basilio Calderone
26.3098 Calls: General Linguistics/Australia Alice Gary
26.3095 Support: Russian; Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics / Norway Laura A. Janda

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