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26.5312 Books: Cuaderno III. Los tiempos verbales: Larrañaga Ulrich Lueders
26.5311 Books: The Segment in Phonetics and Phonology: Raimy, Cairns (eds.) Patrick Wright
26.5310 Books: Language Development and Language Impairment: Fletcher, O'Toole Patrick Wright
26.5309 Books: Semantics, 4th Edition: Saeed Patrick Wright
26.5308 Books: The Handbook of Hispanic Sociolinguistics: Diaz-Campos (ed.) Patrick Wright
26.5307 Books: Lexical-Functional Syntax, 2nd Edition: Bresnan, Asudeh, Toivonen, Wechsler Patrick Wright
26.5306 Calls: Spanish, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics/Canada Jose Eduardo V Graillet
26.5305 Summer Schools: DGfS Summer School 2016: ''Mapping Meaning''/Germany Holger Gauza
26.5304 Calls: Computational Ling/USA Helen Yannakoudakis
26.5303 Calls: Discipline of Linguistics/Poland Leszek Szymanski
26.5302 Calls: Lang Acq, Neuroling, Psycholing, Semantics, Syntax/Germany Seckin Arslan
26.5301 Jobs: Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition: Director of Center for Language Education, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
26.5300 Confs: Philosophy of Lang, Pragmatics, Semantics/USA Orest Xherija
26.5299 Calls: Applied Ling/Spain António Lopes
26.5298 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; Semantics: Post Doc, LABEX Empirical Foundations of Linguistics (EFL), Paris
26.5297 Calls: Applied Linguistics; General Linguistics; Ling & Literature; Translation/ Philologia (Jrnl) Andrej Bjelaković
26.5296 Jobs: Translation: Assistant Professor, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
26.5295 Calls: Lang Doc, Phonetics, Phonology/Mexico Hiroto Uchihara
26.5294 Calls: Ling & Literature/USA Alexander Steffanell
26.5293 Calls: General Linguistics/China Yanyan Sui
26.5292 Calls: Historical Ling, Phonology/Colombia Martin Kohlberger
26.5291 Calls: Semantics, Syntax, Typology/Mexico Lilián Guerrero
26.5290 Calls: Anthropological Ling, Semantics, Syntax, Typology/Mexico Lilián Guerrero
26.5289 Calls: Cog Sci, Lang Acq, Psycholing/Germany Julia Kröger
26.5288 Calls: Lang Acq/Philippines Dr. Paul Robertson
26.5287 Calls: General Ling, Morphology, Psycholing, Semantics, Syntax/France Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
26.5286 Calls: Computational Ling, General Ling, Lexicography, Syntax/Macedonia Agata Savary
26.5285 Calls: Phonetics, Phonology/USA Hao Yi
26.5284 Books: Vom Paläolithikum zur Postmoderne – Die Genese unseres Epochen-Systems: Kamp Karin Plijnaar
26.5283 Books: A Grammar of Mandarin: Wiedenhof Karin Plijnaar
26.5282 Books: Moroccan Short Stories: a Bilingual Reader: Almanna, Fitz-Gerald Hall (trs.) Ulrich Lueders
26.5281 Books: Language, Literature & Communication in a Dynamic World. Vol II: Ndimele (ed.) Ulrich Lueders
26.5280 Books: Language, Literature & Communication in a Dynamic World. Vol I: Ndimele (ed.) Ulrich Lueders
26.5279 Books: The Acquisition of French in Multilingual Contexts: Guijarro-Fuentes, Schmitz, Müller (eds.) Elinor Robertson
26.5278 FYI: Call for Papers: Identity in the Context of Plurality ISSA KANTE
26.5277 Calls: Syntax, Typology/Mexico Lilián Guerrero
26.5276 Jobs: Pragmatics; Semantics: Lecturer, University of Brighton
26.5275 Jobs: Discourse Analysis; Sociolinguistics: Lecturer, University of Brighton
26.5274 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition: Asst/Assoc Professor, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
26.5273 Support: Algonquian; Language Acquisition / Canada Julie Brittain
26.5272 Calls: General Linguistics/Greece Alexandros Tantos
26.5271 Diss: English, French, Cog Sci, Discourse Analysis, Semantics, Socioling, Syntax: Remi Digonnet: 'Approches cognitives de la métaphore dans le domaine de l'olfaction' Remi Digonnet
26.5270 FYI: Ateliers / Workshops AFLS Damien Gaucher
26.5269 Confs: French, Applied Ling/Puerto Rico Patrick-André Mather
26.5268 Confs: Portuguese, Applied Ling/Brazil Telma Gimenez
26.5267 Internships: Ethnic Technologies Lisa Radding
26.5266 Internships: Yale University Claire Bowern
26.5265 Books: Romani Studies: Contemporary Trends: Kyuchukov, Kwadrans, Fizik, Hancock (eds.) Ulrich Lueders
26.5264 Books: Grammaire Comparée des dialectes de la famille guaicurú (Abipone, Mocovi, Toba, Mbaya): Adam Ulrich Lueders
26.5263 Books: Singing, Speaking and Writing Politics: Dedaić (ed.) Karin Plijnaar

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