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25.4142 All: Changes in the LISTSERV and website configuration Malgorzata Cavar
25.4143 Books: Experimental Perspectives on Presuppositions: Schwarz (ed.) Helen van der Stelt
25.4144 Books: Systemic Phonology: Bowcher, Smith (eds.) Janet Joyce
25.4145 Books: Second Language Identities: Block Dora Coventry
25.4146 Books: Using Corpora to Analyze Gender: Baker Dora Coventry
25.4147 Books: The Bloomsbury Companion to Cognitive Linguistics: Littlemore, Taylor (eds.) Dora Coventry
25.4148 Books: The Discourse of Online Consumer Reviews: Vasquez Dora Coventry
25.4149 Review: Sociolinguistics; Translation: Chung (2013) Kunkun Zhang
25.4150 Confs: Portuguese, General Linguistics/Portugal Chrys Chrystello
25.4151 Calls: Historical Linguistics, Typology/Japan Dmitry Idiatov
25.4152 Calls: Syntax, Linguistic Theories, Historical Linguistics/Netherlands Theresa Biberauer
25.4153 Calls: Portuguese, Spanish, General Linguistics/USA Lorena Sainz-Maza Lecanda
25.4154 FYI: SLA: Call for Award Nominations Ariana Mangual Figueroa
25.4155 Calls: Translation/ The Journal of Specialised Translation (Jrnl) Lucja Biel
25.4156 Jobs: Spanish; Sociolinguistics: Assistant Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
25.4157 Jobs: Cognitive Science; Neurolinguistics; Psycholinguistics: Rank Open, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
25.4136 TOC: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 369/1651 (2014) Felicity Davie
25.4137 Calls: Cognitive Science, Linguistic Theories, Translation/Canada Patrick Duffley
25.4138 Calls: General Linguistics, Applied Linguistics/Greece Terpsi Danavassi
25.4139 Calls: Portuguese, Spanish, Sociolinguistics/USA Talia Bugel
25.4140 Qs: Online Survey: Italians living in the US Isabel Bonielli
25.4141 Calls: Socioling, Anthropological Ling, Ling & Lit, Applied Ling, General Ling/USA Christina Butler
25.4133 Jobs: Multiple Languages; Applied Linguistics: Language Instructor/Teacher, Critical Language Center, LLC
25.4134 Diss: Arabic (Standard), English; Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Phonology: Shehata: 'When Variability Matters in Second Language Word Learning...' Asmaa Shehata
25.4135 Support: Morphology / Switzerland Agnes Kolmer
25.4102 Calls: Computational Ling, Philosophy of Lang, Psycholing, Cognitive Sci, Discourse Analysis/UK Andrew Gargett
25.4103 TOC: Written Language and Literacy 17/2 (2014) Karin Plijnaar
25.4104 TOC: Scientific Study of Literature 4/1 (2014) Karin Plijnaar
25.4105 FYI: Call for Papers: Multi-Word Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology Johanna Monti
25.4106 FYI: Call for Applications: ARISC Graduate Fellowships 2014-2015 Talin Lindsay
25.4107 Books: Trilingualism in Education in China: Feng, Adamson (eds.) Helen van der Stelt
25.4108 Books: Multilingual Encounters in Europe's Institutional Spaces: Unger, Krzyzanowski, Wodak (eds.) Dora Coventry
25.4109 Books: Intercultural Contact, Language Learning and Migration: Gerachty, Conacher (eds.) Dora Coventry
25.4110 Books: Multimodal Teaching and Learning: Kress, Jewitt, Ogborn, Charalampos (eds.) Dora Coventry
25.4111 Books: A Progressive Grammar of the Telegu Language: Arden Ulrich Lueders
25.4112 Diss: Kuki-Chin, Zou; Anthropological Linguistics: Tungdim: 'A Descriptive Grammar of the Zo Language' Philip Tungdim
25.4113 Calls: Applied Linguistics; Ling & Literature/ Bellaterra Journal of Teaching & Learning Language & Literature (Jrnl) Melinda Dooly
25.4114 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics: Asst/Assoc Professor, University of Memphis
25.4115 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics; Computational Linguistics: Rank Open, Iowa State University
25.4116 Jobs: English; Morphology; Phonetics; Phonology: Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences), Université Paris Diderot
25.4117 Jobs: Spanish; Applied Linguistics: Visiting Professor, University of Navarra
25.4118 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics: Assistant Professor, Sookmyung Women's University
25.4119 Calls: Morphology/Israel Wendy Sandler
25.4120 Confs: Philosophy of Lang, General Ling, Ling Theories, Discipline of Ling/Germany Martin Neef
25.4121 Confs: General Ling, History of Ling, Ling Theories, Semantics, Syntax/Canada Catherine Leger
25.4122 Calls: Discourse Analysis, General Ling, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics/Malaysia Regis Machart
25.4123 Calls: General Ling, Historical Ling, Lexicography, Phonetics, Socioling/Germany Isabelle Buchstaller
25.4124 Calls: Oto-Manguean/Otomanguean, General Ling, Lang Documentation/USA Aaron Sonnenschein
25.4125 Calls: Chinese, Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/Taiwan Jocelyne Liao
25.4126 Calls: Text/Corpus Ling, Computational Ling, General Ling/France Paul Martin
25.4127 Calls: General Ling, Typology, Lang Acquisition, Ling Theories/Netherlands Manuela Korth
25.4128 Calls: Translation/Ukraine Sergiy Sydorenko
25.4129 Calls: Historical Linguistics, Syntax, Typology/El Salvador Helder Ferreira
25.4130 Calls: English, Applied Ling, Lang Acquisition, Psycholinguistics/Poland Dagmara Gałajda
25.4131 Calls: Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Semantics/Spain Maria Pia di Buono
25.4132 Confs: Cognitive Science, Linguistic Theories/Belgium Timothy Colleman

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