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25.4689 Software: Computational Linguistics; Morphology; Text/Corpus Linguistics: types2: Type and Hapax Accumulation Curves Tanja Säily
25.4690 Books: Borrowed Morphology: Amiridze, Arkadiev, Gardani (eds.) Linda Steglich
25.4691 Books: Visualizing Knowledge and Creating Meaning in Ancient Writing Systems: Gordin (ed.) Krista Zimmer
25.4692 Books: Translation: House (ed.) Stephanie Morgan
25.4693 Books: Legal Discourses: Galdia Simon Reber
25.4694 Books: A History of the Concise Oxford Dictionary: Kaminska Simon Reber
25.4695 Books: L’harmonie vocalique dans les langues du Senegal: Ndao Ulrich Lueders
25.4696 Jobs: Danish; Norwegian; Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics: Linguists & Computational Linguists, Lionbridge
25.4697 Jobs: Japanese; Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics: Dialogue Development Linguist, Intel Corporation
25.4698 Jobs: German; Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics: Dialogue Development Linguist, Intel Corporation
25.4699 Review: Language Acquisition: Liu (2014) Jonathan Clenton
25.4700 Confs: Cognitive Science, Psycholinguistics, Semantics/France Jirka Marsik
25.4701 Confs: Applied Ling, Lang Acquisition, Socioling, Text/Corpus Ling, Translation/Austria Vesna Lusicky
25.4702 Calls: General Ling, Neuroling, Psycholing, Semantics, Syntax/Croatia Jana Willer-Gold
25.4703 Calls: Socioling, Discourse Analysis, Lang Documentation, Translation, Anthropological Ling/USA Deina Rabie
25.4704 Calls: Germanic, Romance, Historical Ling, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling, General Ling/Norway Christine Meklenborg Salvesen
25.4705 Calls: Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/USA Kevin Martin
25.4706 Calls: English, Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/Austria Carmen Amerstorfer
25.4707 Summer Schools: Loss and Gain in Language / Kristiansand, Norway Dagmar Haumann
25.4708 TOC: Natural Language Semantics 22/4 (2014) Helen van der Stelt
25.4709 TOC: Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 32/4 (2014) Helen van der Stelt
25.4710 TOC: Journal of Linguistics 50/3 (2014) Katie Laker
25.4711 TOC: Studies in Second Language Acquisition 36/3 (2014) Katie Laker
25.4712 TOC: English Language and Linguistics 18/3 (2014) Katie Laker
25.4713 TOC: Journal of French Language Studies 24/3 (2014) Katie Laker
25.4714 Support: Baining-Taulil; Anthropological Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Language Documentation, Sociolinguistics / Germany Birgit Hellwig
25.4715 Support: Language Documentation, Typology / Australia Felicity Meakins
25.4716 Diss: Luyia, Luidakho-Luisukha-Lutirichi; Historical Ling, Morphology, Phonology: Ebarb: 'Tone and Variation in Idakho and Other Luhya Varieties' Kristopher Ebarb
25.4717 FYI: On the Job Market? Mini-Course at LSA Michal Temkin Martinez
25.4666 Confs: French, Discourse Analysis, Historical Ling Phonetics, Pragmatics/France Mathilde Dargnat
25.4667 Confs: Computational Linguistics/USA Jill Burstein
25.4668 Books: The Greek Verb: Bartolotta Krista Zimmer
25.4669 Books: Language, Immigration and Labor: DuBord Stephanie Morgan
25.4670 Books: Language, Identity and Urban Space: Salzmann Simon Reber
25.4671 Books: Investigating Hong Kong English: Zhang Simon Reber
25.4672 Books: Wichi lhomtes: Nercesian Ulrich Lueders
25.4673 Books: The epitaphs of Gregory of Nazianzus: a stylistic approach: Alexandropoulos Ulrich Lueders
25.4674 Jobs: General Linguistics: Post Doc, Nanyang Technological University
25.4675 Calls: English; General Linguistics/ Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies (Jrnl) Anna Wojtyś
25.4676 TOC: Argotica 1/2 (2013) Laurentiu Bala
25.4677 TOC: Argotica 1/1 (2012) Laurentiu Bala
25.4678 Jobs: Applied Linguistics: Part-time Instructor, Syracuse University
25.4679 Jobs: Hindi; Applied Linguistics: Fixed Term Instructor/Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
25.4680 TOC: Terminology 20/2 (2014) Karin Plijnaar
25.4681 Calls: English, Applied Linguistics/Spain Mar Gutiérrez-Colon
25.4682 Calls: Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/USA Liz Hellebuyck
25.4683 Calls: Cognitive Science/Poland Adam Głaz
25.4684 Calls: Text/Corpus Ling, Computational Ling, Semantics, Applied Ling/USA Ekaterina Shutova
25.4685 Calls: Semantics, Historical Linguistics/Netherlands Anna Malicka-Kleparska
25.4686 Calls: Philosophy of Language, Pragmatics, Semantics/Germany SuB 20 Organisers
25.4687 Calls: Sociolinguistics/Netherlands Margreet Dorleijn
25.4688 Confs: Syntax/Taiwan Deborah Teoh

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