Thursday, 20 Dec 1990

Jobs: Arabic, Language acq., IE, Psycholinguistics

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  1. , Lecturer in Arabic Linguistics
  2. Dr. k allan, Possible Job Opening
  3. , Indo-European Linguistics
  4. Peter Culicover, Psycholinguistics ad

Message 1: Lecturer in Arabic Linguistics

Date: 16 Dec 90 18:39:52 CET (Sun)
From: <>
Subject: Lecturer in Arabic Linguistics

Notification of interest

Those interested in a full-time position as a university lecturer in
Arabic linguistics at the University of Gothenburg (Goeteborg, Sweden)
should make it known to the addresses provided below.

Scholarly production and pedagogical experience will be given equal
priority when judging the applicants.

The salary falls into the range of approximately 1700 to 2700 pounds a
month with a maximum of 400 hours of classes a year.

Those interested are urged to send a short summary of their merits
together with a ciriculum vitae to the address below. They will be
notified when the vacancy becomes formal.

University of Gothenburg
Arabic Section
Vaestra Hamngatan 3
S-411 17 Gotheburg

Fax nr. 46 31 138030

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Message 2: Possible Job Opening

Date: Tue, 18 Dec 90 08:22:36 +1100
From: Dr. k allan <>
Subject: Possible Job Opening


Monash Linguistics Department MAY have a one or two year appointment
at the bottom of the lecturer scale, starting the first semester of 1991.
If we are indeed granted the position, the successful applicant would
be required to teach psycholinguistics/child language acquisition. S/he
would also need to be able to teach bilingualism/2nd language acquisition
or syntax, and perhaps contribute to the reading and writing course which
will once again be offered in 1992. Other duties will be graduate
supervision and first year tutoring. 

If you know of anyone with a Ph.D., or close to finishing a Ph.D.,
who might be interested in applying for such a position, please
let them know of this potential opening, and advise them to
get in touch with either Professor Michael Clyne or with me.

We can be reached via email:
 03 565 2296
 03 565 2294
 Snail mail : 
 Linguistics Dept, Monash Uni, Clayton, Vic 3168, Australia

 We appreciate your assistance. 

 Keith Allan
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Message 3: Indo-European Linguistics

Date: Wed, 19 Dec 90 13:34:19 PST
Subject: Indo-European Linguistics

Please make the availability of this position known to potential


University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Indo-European Linguistics, with special reference to Latin and
Greek. Tenure-track position starting September 1991, with joint
appointment in the departments of Linguistics and Classics,
initially authorized at the assistant professor level, but
appointment at a higher level will be considered. PhD required.
Send letter, curriculum vitae, publication list, up to three
recent publications, and three letters of recommendation by 1
February, 1991, to: Classics/Linguistics Search Committee, c/o
Dean of Humanities, University of Southern California, Los
Angeles, CA 90089-4012. USC is an equal opportunity/affirmative
action employer.

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Message 4: Psycholinguistics ad

Date: Mon, 17 Dec 90 12:45:05 EST
From: Peter Culicover <>
Subject: Psycholinguistics ad

After posting the ad I noticed that there was a "typo": Jan 31 1990 should be
Jan 31 1991. I don't see how to fix it now, and I'm sure that 
the intention is clear, but if anyone asks, applications received
after this coming Jan 31 will be given fullest consideration.

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