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Mon Jan 4 1999

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  1. LINGUIST Network, New features on the LINGUIST Web Site

Message 1: New features on the LINGUIST Web Site

Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 21:49:06 -0500 (EST)
From: LINGUIST Network <linguist>
Subject: New features on the LINGUIST Web Site

Our web site now sports two new features, which we hope you will find

1) An archive of 13 language-related discussion lists:

Several weeks ago we sent out a message to listowners asking if they
would like their lists hosted or archived on the LINGUIST site.
Thirteen lists replied in the affirmative; and we now have a facility
whereby you can join or search any of these lists from a single

Eventually, we hope to make this mailing list archive even more
useful, e.g., by adding focused searching over all the lists at once.
But we hope you'll agree that even this initial phase of the project
will facilitate your finding valuable information. Please take a look
and send us your comments and suggestions.

We especially invite listowners and moderators to look at the site
and consider adding your list. (It's easy--you will not have to change the 
running or distribution of your list in any way.) 

2) A site map: 

The map is a little tipsy yet, but Helen is working on getting those pesky
columns straight! 

In the meantime, the LINGUIST crew would like to thank you for your
generous support of the List in 1998 and wish you all a very happy and
prosperous New Year.

- Helen, Anthony, and Andrew, Moderators
- Marty, Brett, Karen, Jody, Scott, Editors
- John, and Chris, Software development
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