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Tue Jun 29 1999

All: Volunteer Log-keepers Needed

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  1. Helen Aristar Dry, Volunteer log-keepers needed

Message 1: Volunteer log-keepers needed

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 08:44:42 -0400
From: Helen Aristar Dry <>
Subject: Volunteer log-keepers needed

Dear Subscribers,

Would any of you be willing to keep a log for 2 or 3 weeks of your 
interactions with the LINGUIST website? This log could be very 
simple: the main thing we want is a record of your specific 
objectives in coming to the site (e.g., "Mon, June 28: searched for 
job ads for syntacticians"), though we welcome any other 
comments or suggestions you might want to include.

The background of this request is that we are trying to improve the 
website's design and organization. Many of you have told us that 
you think LINGUIST has a wealth of information but that it is 
sometimes hard to find what you want. We agree. And we are 
now attacking the problem with the help of some professional web 
designers. We hope to improve site design and navigation 
substantially in the course of the coming year. 

But the first step iin the process is user-testing. The web 
designers have suggested conducting local interviews to find out 
what users want from our site. However, we want to make sure 
that the whole range of LINGUIST users is represented, not just 
those who happen to be in our local area. It seems important to 
hear from all kinds of researchers, scholars, job-hunters, teachers, 
and students, and especially important to hear from users in 
different parts of the world. 

So please let me know at
if you are willing to keep a log or otherwise report on your 
experiences with the website. Your feedback will be a big help in 
our attempt to make LINGUIST more useful to you. And, as 
always, we greatly appreciate your participation in our projects and 
your support of our goals.

Helen, Anthony, and Andrew
LINGUIST Moderators

Helen Aristar Dry
Dept. of English Language and Literature
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 741 1567
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