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Tue Jul 6 1999

Confs: USA SW Summer Events

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  1. Dan Moonhawk Alford, USA SW Summer Events

Message 1: USA SW Summer Events

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 09:22:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dan Moonhawk Alford <>
Subject: USA SW Summer Events

USA SW Summer Events: Whorf, Indians, Quantum Physics, Consciousness

An end-of-millenium multidisciplinary/multicultural assessment of Whorf's
linguistic relativity principle is underway for this summer. I have
arranged a sequence of three events for some prominent physicists to
dialogue with Native Americans from many tribes/languages as an
orientation, followed by two days of language intensive, then followed by
a roundtable discussion to report their experiences to an international
conference of physicists interested in issues of consciousness. 

o July 23-25. 
	Albuquerque NM, Sheraton Old Town
	Bohmian Science Dialogue on Language, Sciences and Worldview
	Includes Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson, authors Fred Alan Wolf, 
Linda Hogan, and James Sakej Youngblood Henderson, among a distinguished
group of other intellectuals from Native America and Western sciences.
	Open to audience. $159 registration. Contact Glenn Parry,
<>, for registration information, or pay at door.
	Other participants include: Leroy Little Bear, Amethyst First Rider, 
Tobasonakwut, Lloyd Pinkham, Rose van Thater; Stephen Gamboa-Eastman,
Sarah Voss, John Eskine, Andy Hilgartner, and Martha Barttner.

o July 26-28. 
	Native Language Intensive re: Algonquian languages, Navajo, and
Nez Perce -- closed.

o July 29 - Aug 1. 
	"Quantum Approaches to Consciousness" Conference, No. AZ Univ,
	Aug 1: Roundtable on Quantum Linguistics, with participants in
	the above pre-conference events.

The sequence of three events can be construed as an attempt at a near
21st-C. meta-verification of the language/cognition/worldview/conscious
insights of Benjamin Whorf (beyond the muddification of the Great Whorf
Hypothesis Hoax for the past 40 years): that there is no universal human
reasoning; that logic, reason, philosophy, science and worldview grow
organically from the language/culture dynamic of a group; that those
growing out of the Western Indo-European consciousness have no inherent
superiority in the relative panorama of global worldviews, logics, and

Previous Bohmian Science Dialogues (this is the seventh since 1992) have
established that the "quantum" realm of physicists, the "spirit" realm of
Natives and the "meaning" realm of linguists are probably different terms
for the same non-physical realm that shares the following characteristics:
a vibratory reality where the only constant is flux and everything is
interrelated in a part/whole relationship. We also found that some
indigenous languages seem better suited structurally than Western
languages for talking about events in the non-physical realm -- which we
are revisiting as a major focus for these events in discussing languages
with object-orientation and those with relationship-process orientation.

Please contact me for more details if you can attend either the New
Mexico or Arizona event at <>.


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