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Tue Jul 6 1999

Confs: LAGB Autumn Meeting

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  1. M.Groefsema, LAGB Autumn Meeting

Message 1: LAGB Autumn Meeting

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 13:11:31 +0100 (BST)
From: M.Groefsema <>
Subject: LAGB Autumn Meeting


Autumn Meeting 1999: University of York

Second Circular

The 1999 Autumn Meeting will be held from Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 September
at the University of York, where the Association will be the guests of the
Department of Linguistics. The Local Organiser is Siobhan Cottell
( Enquiries about the meeting should be addressed to:
Siobhan Cottell, LAGB 1999, Dept. of Language and Linguistic Science,
University of York, Heslington , York YO10 5DD.

Accommodation: The accommodation for conference participants is on the
campus of the University of York in Heslington. It will consist of single
rooms with hand-basin and shared bathroom facilities in Alcuin College,
very close to the Chemistry Building where the conference sessions take

Registration: will begin at 10.00 am on Tuesday 7 September in the foyer of
Alcuin College.

Bar: a bar will be available every day during the conference.

Food: please indicate vegetarian and any other dietary requirements on the
booking form below.

Childcare: If you require childcare during the conference, please contact
the Local Organiser for further details.

Travel by train:
York is a major railway junction, with good connections from most cities in
Britain. You can buy a railway ticket at the station immediately before you
start your train journey, or by telephone +44 (0)345 225225. A seat
reservation often comes with the ticket if you request it. Trains take two
hours from London (King's Cross Station; trains leave every half hour
during the working day); two hours from Manchester Airport (trains leave
every hour at 20 past during the working day, every two hours during the
night); an hour and ten minutes from Hull.

by long-distance bus:
Long distance buses stop at Rougier Street close to the railway station
and/or at Exhibition Square in the centre of the city.

by air:
The easiest route is to fly to Manchester Airport, which has direct
connections to many European and North American cities. In Manchester, the
airport and the train station are in the same place, so you can easily walk
from the plane to the train. A return train ticket from Manchester Airport
to York costs about GBP 21.00.

You can fly to Leeds/Bradford Airport, which is about 30 miles from York.
Although there is a very regular train service between Leeds and York, you
must take a taxi from the airport to the train station - there is a bus
service, but it is very infrequent.

You can fly to Heathrow Airport, but it is a bit more difficult to get from
Heathrow to York. From Heathrow, take the Underground (Piccadilly Line) to
King's Cross Station, and then take the train from King's Cross to York.
The Underground trip takes about an hour, and the train trip takes about
two hours; overall travel time is therefore about three hours, plus time
for connections.

Getting to the University:

by taxi:
A journey by taxi from the railway station to the University will take
approximately 15 minutes and cost GBP 4.00-5.00. There is a taxi rank just
outside the station.

by bus:
The buses from York to the University are the Nos. 4 and 5 from the railway
station. The scheduled journey time from the railway station to Heslington
is 20 minutes. A single ticket costs about GBP1.00. Ask the driver to set
you down at the stop closest to the Morrell Library.

by car:
Visitors approaching York from the A64 should turn off at one of the exits
marked University, in order to avoid the City centre. Subsequent turns are
also signposted.
Visitors coming from other directions should either:
- take the Selby road to Fulford and turn along Heslington Lane or Broadway
to Heslington Hall
- take the Hull Road and turn right at the first traffic lights into Green
Dykes Lane which leads to University Road.

For further details see:

Parking: free parking will be available for all delegates. Parking permits
which must be affixed to the windscreen will be sent out to those who
request them on the booking form.

Events: The Henry Sweet Lecture 1999 on the Tuesday evening will be
delivered by Professor Bernard Comrie (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig), and
is entitled 'The typology of reference tracking: form and function'.

There will also be a Workshop on reference tracking, organized by Professor
Anna Siewierska (University of Lancaster). Contributors are John Payne
(Manchester University), Yaron Matras (Manchester University), Machtelt
Bolkestein (University of Amsterdam), and Yan Huang (University of

There will be a Language Tutorial on Lezgian, given by Professor Martin
Haspelmath (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig).

There will be a Wine Party on the Tuesday evening, following Professor
Comrie's talk, which is hosted by the department of Language and Linguistic

On Wednesday there will be a special session on Linguistics at School:
A-level English Language. Contributors are Michael Hoey (Liverpool) and
Tony Tinkel (Reading).

Bookings: should be sent to Cecile de Cat, Dept of Language and Linguistic
Science, University of York, Heslington, York YO10 5DD. There is a 10%
discount on bookings received by Friday 20 August. Cheques should be made
payable to "The University of York ".

Committee members:

 Professor Richard Hudson, Department of Phonetics and Linguistics,
University College London, Gower Street, LONDON WC1E 6BT. E-mail:

 Honorary Secretary
 Professor Anna Siewierska, Department of Linguistics, University of
Lancaster, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW, E-mail:

 Membership Secretary
 Dr. David Willis, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Manchester,

 Meetings Secretary
 Dr. Marjolein Groefsema, Dept. of Linguistics, University of
Hertfordshire, Watford Campus, ALDENHAM, Herts. WD2 8AT. E-mail:

 Dr. Paul Rowlett, Dept. of Modern Languages, University of Salford,
SALFORD M5 4WT. E-mail:

 Assistant Secretary
 Dr. April McMahon, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Cambridge,
Sidgwick Avenue, CAMBRIDGE CB3 9DQ. E-mail:

Internet home page: The LAGB internet home page is now active at the
following address:

Electronic network: Please join the LAGB electronic network which is used
for disseminating LAGB information and for consulting members quickly. It
can be subscribed to by sending the message "add lagb" to:

Future Meetings:

6-8 April 2000 University College London.
7-9 September 2000 University of Durham.
Spring 2001 (provisional) University of Leeds.
Autumn 2001(provisional) University of Reading.
Spring 2002 (provisional) University of Leicester.


Tuesday 7 September 1999

1.00 LUNCH

2.00 Workshop on Reference Tracking
 Organiser: Anna Siewierska

 John Payne (Manchester University) "Types of pronoun"

 Yaron Matras (Manchester University) "Semantic-pragmatic features
 Romani demonstratives"

3.30 TEA

4.00 Workshop continues

 Machtelt Bolkestein (University of Amsterdam) "Anaphoric pronouns and
 discourse structure in Classical Latin"

 Yan Huang (University of Reading) "Aspects of switch-reference"


7.45 Henry Sweet Lecture 1999

 Professor Bernard Comrie
 (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig)

 "The typology of reference tracking: form and function"

Wednesday 8 September 1999

Session A
9.00 Fabrice Nicole (Universite de Paris-III, Sorbonne Nouvelle)
 "Extended VP-shells and the verb-particle construction"
9.40 Edward Garrett (UCLA) "The syntax of (covert) evidentiality"
10.20 Melanie Green (Sussex) and Phil Jaggar (SOAS) "Exhaustive

 listing vs new information focus in Hausa"

Session B
9.00 Satu Manninen (Edinburgh) "Hierarchical Structure, Linear
 and the Theory of Layered vPs"
9.40 Peter Sells (Stanford) "An LFG Analysis of V2 Clauses in
10.20 SJ Hannahs (Durham) "French ongliding diphthongs"

Session C
9.00 Jennifer Smith and David Adger (York) "Do support as a
 syntactic process: Evidence from a non-standard dialect"
9.40 Nicole Dehe (Leipzig) "On the structure of transitive
 verbs in English: evidence from information structure"
10.20 Siobhan Cottell (York) "Eventive and stative passives in
 Nottingham English"

11.00 COFFEE

11.30 Language Tutorial: Lezgian
 Martin Haspelmath (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig)

1.00 LUNCH

Session A
2.00 George Tsoulas (York) "On Long-Distance Scrambling in Korean"
2.40 Toshiko Yamaguchi (Essex) "Frames and passive constructions in
3.20 Yoko Nakano and Harald Clahsen (Essex) "Antecedent reactivation
 in Japanese long distance scrambling"

Session B
2.00 Paul Elbourne (MIT) "On the Variables inside E-Type Pronouns"
2.40 Richard Breheny (RCEAL, Cambridge) "Arguments against
3.20 Marc Authier (The Pennsylvania State University)
 Presuppositional Material At the Syntax-Semantics Interface"

Session C Linguistics at School: A-level English Language
2.00 Michael Hoey (Liverpool) "The NEAB syllabus"
2.40 Tony Tinkel (Reading) "The OCR syllabus"
3.20 Discussion

4.00 TEA

4.30 LAGB Business Meeting

5.30 Language Tutorial continues


7.45 Language Tutorial continues

Thursday 9 September 1999

Session A
9.00 Richard Hudson (UCL) "Are there viruses in grammar?"
9.40 Raffaella Folli (Oxford) "Verbs and Prepositions of Motion
 Resultative Constructions in English and Italian"
10.20 Laura Rupp (Essex) "'Inverted' imperatives in English"

Session B
9.00 Matthew Whelpton (University of Iceland) "Locality at the
 syntax-semantics interface: control and predication in the
 Rationale Clause"
9.40 Asya Pereltsvaig (McGill) "Instrumental adverbials in Russian:
 structure and interpretation"
10.20 Philippa Cook (Manchester) "German partial VP Topicalization"

Session C
9.00 Valia Kordoni (Tuebingen) "Pronominal Affixes in Modern Greek:
 at the Morphology-Syntax interface"
9.40 S J Hannahs and Maggie Tallerman (Durham) "Morphological

 interactions: clitics and affixes in Welsh and Breton"
10.20 Jim Miller (Edinburgh) "Capacities and Permanent States"

11.00 COFFEE

Session A
11.30 Nigel Fabb and Mairi Blackings (Strathclyde) "The licensing of
 empty D"
12.10 Martin Haspelmath (MaxPlanck Institute, Leipzig) "Do articles
 occupy a determiner position?"

Session B
11.30 Cristiano Broccias (Pavia) "The Directional Construction"
12.10 Jasper Holmes (UCL) "Towards a unified account of the semantics
 of FOR"

Session C
11.30 Anna Papafragou (Berkeley) "Children's understanding of
21.10 Bernadette Plunkett (York) "Non-truncated Wh in situ: the case
 of Child French"

1.00 LUNCH

Session A
2.00 Mohammed Dabir-Moghaddam (Tehran) "A case for "double

 dissociation", "modularity" and "innateness": The linguistic
 abilities and the non-linguistic disabilities of highly
 and mentally retarded twins"
2.40 Gillian Ramchand (Oxford) and David Adger (York) "Predication
 and Information Structure: the semantics of pronominal copular
[40 min]



Please return this form, with your remittance, to: Cecile de Cat, Dept of
Language and Linguistic Science, University of York, Heslington, York YO10
5DD. There is a 10% discount on bookings received by Friday 20 August.
Cheques should be made payable to "The University of York". (All prices are
in pounds sterling ("stlg")).



I enclose remittance as indicated (select appropriate package):

1. Complete conference package:
(a) including Thursday lunch preceding workshop
 (i) if sent to arrive by 20 August 106.70 stlg ..........
 (ii) if sent to arrive after 20 August 117.00 stlg ..........

(b) excluding Thursday lunch
 (i) if sent to arrive by 20 August 97.20 stlg ..........
 (ii) if sent to arrive after 20 August 108.00 stlg ..........

(c) Surcharge for non-members, 5.00 stlg ..........

 TOTAL: ..........

2. Selected items:
 (a) conference fee (OBLIGATORY) to cover cost of
 abstracts, tea and coffee, room bookings,
 speakers' expenses etc. 20.00 stlg 20.00 stlg
 (b) Thursday lunch 9.00 stlg ..........
 (c) Thursday dinner 10.00 stlg ..........
 (d) B&B Thursday/Friday 25.00 stlg ..........
 (e) Friday lunch 9.00 stlg ..........
 (f) Friday dinner 10.00 stlg ..........
 (g) B&B Friday/Saturday 25.00 stlg ..........
 (h) Saturday lunch 9.00 stlg ..........

 SUB-TOTAL: ..........

Deduct 10% if sent to arrive by 20 August ..........

(i) Surcharge for non-members, 5-00 stlg ..........

 TOTAL: ..........

4. Abstracts only, for those not attending:
5-00 stlg UK.................... 6-00 stlg overseas.....................




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