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Wed Jul 7 1999

Calls: Semantics, Syntax and Semantics of NPs

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  1. Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquium, The Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquim on formal semantics of language
  2. Martine Coene, The Syntax and Semantics of the Noun Phrase

Message 1: The Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquim on formal semantics of language

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 17:56:12 +0200
From: Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquium <>
Subject: The Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquim on formal semantics of language

 December 18 -- 21, 1999

The Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquium will be held from Saturday 18 until
Tuesday 21 December 1999, at the University of Amsterdam. The
Amsterdam Colloquia aim at bringing together logicians, philosophers,
linguists and computer scientists who share an interest in the formal
semantic study of natural and formal languages. The spectrum of topics
covered ranges from descriptive (semantic analyses of all kinds of
expressions) to theoretical (logical and computational properties of
semantic theories, philosophical foundations).

The program of the Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquium includes six invited
lectures by renowned experts in the field, as well as 40 talks
selected by an international program committee. The following people
have accepted our invitation to give a plenary lecture:

 -> Irene Heim (MIT, Massachusets)
 -> Bill Ladusaw (UCSC, Santa Cruz)
 -> Jeff Pelletier (University of Alberta)
 -> Mark Steedman (University of Edinburgh)
 -> Richmond Thomason (University of Michigan)
 -> Ede Zimmermann (IMS, Stuttgart)

Besides, Lofti Zadeh gives a special guest lecture upon invitation by
Johan van Benthem's Spinoza project *Logic in Action*.

The colloquium also accommodates two thematic sessions, one on
"Non-Monotonicity and Natural Language" and one "Discourse and
Communication. Structured Information Exchange".

 *Submission of abstracts for the regular program*

The Colloquium has room for 40 contributed talks of approximately 40
minutes. Authors may submit an *anonymous* abstract of *two pages* (at
most 1000 words). The abstract must include a short 10 line *summary*
clearly indicating subject matter and conclusions.

A *separate leaflet* should specify the author's name, affiliation,
postal address, e-mail address plus the title of the
contribution. Submission by e-mail is encouraged, provided that the
abstract, summary and personal details are in postscript.

Abstracts can also be submitted for presentation at one of the
thematic sessions. In this case the leaflet should clearly state
so. Submissions which are not accepted for presentation at the
thematic sessions, can still be accepted for presentation in the
regular program.

The *deadline* for submission of abstracts is September 1,
1999. Authors will be notified of acceptance by October 15. Extended 6
page abstracts, *to be included in the proceedings*, are due November
15. The proceedings will be distributed at the conference.

*Multiple submissions* are allowed, but no single author is allowed to
give more than one presentation. In case authors are involved in more
than one submission, one or more of which are co-authored, then it
should be indicated clearly which author is actually going to give the

 *Important dates*

 -> 07-07-97 Second Call for papers
 -> 01-09-97 Deadline for submissions
 -> 15-10-97 Notification of acceptance
 -> 15-11-97 Deadline for Proceedings
 -> 18 -- 21 December 1999 Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquium


The Amsterdam Colloquia are organized every two years under the
auspices of the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC)
of the University of Amsterdam. The organizing committee of the
Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquium consists of Paul Dekker, Gwen Kerdiles,
Michiel van Lambalgen, Anouk Perquin, Frank Veltman and Marco de

For further information, contact:

Organizing Committee Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquium
ILLC/Dept of Philosophy,
University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 15,
NL 1012 CP, Amsterdam
The Netherlands


for practical arrangements contact the ILLC office at but to speed up processing please mention
"AC99", "Registration" etc in the subject header
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Message 2: The Syntax and Semantics of the Noun Phrase

Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 16:04:36 PDT
From: Martine Coene <>
Subject: The Syntax and Semantics of the Noun Phrase

'Syntax and semantics of the noun phrase'

Determined to analyze the noun phrase?

If you are doing research on the syntax and/or pragmasemantics of the
noun phrase, the above question has probably awakened your interest.
Indeed, the analysis of nominal expressions has developped in a
spectacular way in the last decades. This has led to many interesting
new hypotheses which allow to explain what might seem to be unrelated
properties across languages. Additionally, many studies have been
devoted to emprical and theoretical aspects of the expression of
possession, one of the most fundamental concepts in life and language.
The Research unit on French and Romance Linguistics of the Antwerp
university will organize an international meeting on these topics from
Febr. 10-12, 2000

Keynote Speakers:
		Greg Carlson 		Hans Kamp 
		Francis Corblin 	Georges Kleiber
		Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin 	Brenda Laca
		Alexandru Grosu		Fred Landman
		Jacqueline Gu?ron 	Giuseppe Longobardi
		Anne Zribi-Hertz	

We hereby invite papers on all aspects of the syntax and semantics of noun 
phrases as well as on the expression of possession.
Conference languages are English and French.
Presentations will be 20 minutes long, plus 10 minutes for discussion. 

- 5 anonymous one-page abstracts, spaced in 1.5 lines and in 10-pt Times font;
- a separate page with the title of the abstract, the names and affiliations of
 all authors and an address (preferably e-mail) for correspondence

submissions must be received by November 1, 1999
Universiteitsplein 1,
Blok A, 2�verd.,
ROM, B-2610 Wilrijk

Liliane Tasmowski, Martine Coene, Yves D'Hulst, tel/fax. 0032-3-820.28.24 
(M.Coene), 0032-3-820.28.21 (L. Tasmowski); 0032-3-820.28.22 (Y.D'Hulst)
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