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Tue Jul 13 1999

FYI: Liliane Tasmowski, ACADEMIC EXCHANGE, MT Conf

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  1. Walter De Mulder, Festschrift Liliane Tasmowski
  2. gabriela olivares, ACADEMIC EXCHANGE QUARTERLY
  3. Roger Harris, Proceedings: Machine Translation Conference

Message 1: Festschrift Liliane Tasmowski

Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 13:52:59 PDT
From: Walter De Mulder <>
Subject: Festschrift Liliane Tasmowski

Traiani Augusti Vestigia Pressa Sequamur - Studia Lingvistica in
Honorem Lilianae Tasmowski

To honour Liliane Tasmowski, four of her colleagues at the University
of Antwerp (UIA), Martine Coene, Walter De Mulder, Patrick Dendale and
Yves D'Hulst, have compiled a volume comprising over fifty
contributions by friends and colleagues from different countries. All
papers deal with topics and linguistic domains Liliane has contributed
to in her own research : phnonology and morphology, verbal and phrasal
complements, case marking, tense and mode, anaphora and reference,
lexical semantics and pragmatics.

This volume, a preview copy of which was already presented to her in
late October 1998, is now about to be published by Unipress,
Padova. It has over 800 pages and will be sold for 80.000 liras (1.700
Belgian francs, or 50 US Dollars). If you subscribe now using the
order form below, you will benefit from the special pre-publication
price of 60.000 liras (1.250 Bf or 40 US Dollars)

Besides Liliane's entire bibliography, the volume will also contain a
tabula gratulatoria with the names of the subscribers. If you want
your name included, you should fill out the order form below and
return it before August 1st, 1999.

We hope you will take up this very special offer.
Martine Coene, Walter De Mulder, Patrick Dendale, Yves D'Hulst


Please return to the following address:
Martine Coene - UIA-ROM - Universiteitsplein 1 - 2610 Wilrijk- Belgium

First Name :
Complete home or work address
Item to be included in the tabula (e.g. name, research centre, university)
Credit card type :
Credit card number
expiration date

I hereby order a copy of the volume in honour of Liliane Tasmowski and 
want/do not want (cross out)
my name to be included in the tabula gratulatoria

I authorize Unipress Padova to debit my creditcard with the sum of 60.000 liras

Date			Signature (required)

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Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 09:53:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: gabriela olivares <>

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Thank you
Dr. Gabriela Olivares-Cuhat
Have you subscribed to Academic Exchange Quarterly?
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Message 3: Proceedings: Machine Translation Conference

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 22:46:19 +0100
From: Roger Harris <>
Subject: Proceedings: Machine Translation Conference

 The Natural Language Specialist Group 
 of the 
 British Computer Society
 announces the availability of the 
 Proceedings of the International Machine Translation Conference 
 'Machine Translation: Ten Years On'
 held at Cranfield University 
 in 1994.

Editors: Douglas Clarke, Cranfield University, U.K., and Alfred Vella, 
University of Luton, U.K.

ISBN: 1 871315 697, 322 pages.

These Proceedings are available from the British Computer Society as
described below.

They contain ...

o Wide range of forward-looking papers
o Fully indexed
o Bibliography of reference books on languages and linguistics
o Of interest to researchers, students, translators, interpreters

An international conference organised jointly by Cranfield University,
England, in conjunction with the Natural Language Translation Specialist
Group of the British Computer Society.

This conference marked the tenth anniversary of the first Cranfield
international conference on machine translation in 1984.

Some papers review the significant stages and developments in machine
translation (MT) in the years 1984-1994, others look ahead to the 
years 1994-2004 and emphasise important trends and developments in MT, 
particularly its increasing use in speech and dialogue.

In view of the wide range of MT researchers who contributed to this
conference and of the diversity of topics covered, these proceedings 
will be of interest, not only to those currently working in MT, but 
also to undergraduate and postgraduate students, translators and 
interpreters, and indeed anyone who wishes to keep abreast of develop-
ments in MT.

The papers in these Proceedings cover a wide range of aspects including:

o Research and development
o Applications
o Views of 'human translators' on MT
o Views of users about MT
o Quality of MT
o Philosophy of approach

For further information about the Natural Language Translation 
Specialist Group and for extensive reference to MT resources please 
see our web pages at

- --------------------------------------------------------------

Proceedings Contents
- -------------------

Machine Translation - Ten Years On: An Overview of the Conference.
 Derek Lewis, University of Exeter, U.K.
 8 pages.
Some notes on the state of the art: Where are we now in MT:
 what works and what doesn't? And the role of MT as an intermediate
 collaborative activity.
 Yorick Wilks, Sheffield University, U.K.
 9 pages.
The errant Avocado returns - A personal odyssey.
 Peter Wheeler, Antler Translation Services NJ, U.S.A.
 9 pages.
Research methods and system designs in machine translation: 
 a ten-year review, 1984-1994.
 John Hutchins, University of East Anglia, U.K.
 16 pages.
The use of Approximate String Matching Techniques in the Alignment
 of Sentences in Parallel Corpora.
 Anthony M. McEnery, Michael P. Oakes, Roger G. Garside.
 University of Lancaster, U.K.
 10 pages.
A Semantic Knowledge-based Computational Dictionary.
 Mohammed Y. Al-Hafez, HIAST, Damascus, Syria; 
 Douglas Clarke, Cranfield University; Alfred D. Vella, University
 of Luton.
 13 pages.
Anaphora Resolution in a Machine Translation System.
 Horacio Saggion, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina;
 Ariadne Carvalho, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil.
 11 pages.
Machine Translation, Ten Years On: Discourse has yet to make a
 Ruslan Mitkov, Wolverhampton University, U.K.; Johann Haller,
 IAI, Saarbrucken, Germany.
 10 pages.
Aspects of an empirical approach to language processing.
 Terence Lewis, Hook & Hatton Ltd, Northampton, U.K.
 6 pages.
The current state of the Commission's SYSTRAN MT system.
 Angeliki Petrits, EC SYSTRAN development team, Luxembourg.
 10 pages.
STYLUS- the MT product line for Russian: the current state.
 Svetlana Sokolova, PROject MT Ltd, St Petersburg, Russia.
 4 pages.
Russian - a challenge to METAL? Some difficulties of Russian-German 
 Machine Translation.
 Iris Hoser and Barbara Rudiger. GMS, Berlin, Germany.
 13 pages.
Through the Looking Glass to the PARS land.
 M. Blekhman, Lingvistica, Kharkov, Ukraine.
 7 pages.
Terminological Knowledge in Multilingual Language Processing.
 Jorg Schutz;, IAI, Saarbrucken, Germany.
 15 pages.
Translation by Meaning and Style in LOLITA
 Richard G. Morgan, Mark H. Smith, Sengan Short.
 Durham University, U.K.
 15 pages.
Providing Factual Information in MAT.
 Walther v. Hahn, University of Hamburg, Germany, and 
 Galja Angelova. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria.
 15 pages.
The experimental MT system of the project KIT-FAST.
 Wilhelm Weisweber. Technical University of Berlin, Germany.
 19 pages.
On parametering the choice of words in text generation and its 
 usefulness in machine translation.
 Chadia Moghrabi, Universite de Moncton, Canada.
 9 pages.
Concept-based Machine Translation and Interpretation.
 Barbel Ripplinger, IAI, Saarbrucken, Germany.
 14 pages.
The Role of Semantics in Spoken Dialogue Translation Systems
 Scott McGlashan, University of Saarbrucken, Germany.
 16 pages.
Human Strategies in translation and interpreting - what MT can
 learn from human translators.
 Susanne Heizmann, Universitat Hildesheim, Germany.
 11 pages.
Dialogue-based MT and self-explaining documents as an alternative to
 MAHT and MT of controlled languages.
 Christian Boitet, GETA, Grenoble, France.
 9 pages.
Natural Language Analysis and Machine Translation in Pilot-Air Traffic 
 Control Communication.
 Boh Wasyliw, De Montfort University, U.K., and Douglas Clarke,
 Cranfield University, U.K.
 23 pages
Test Suites: Some issues in their use and design
 Lorna Balkan, University of Essex, U.K.
 8 pages.
Machine Translation: Ten Years On. Where are the Users?
 Ursula Bernhard, GMD, Sankt Augustin, Germany.
 6 pages. 
Machine Translation and Philosophy of Language.
 Alan Melby, Brigham Young University at Provo, U.S.A.
 11 pages.
The Implications of Machine Translation.
 Alfred Vella and Dominic Vella, University of Luton, U.K.
 3 pages.
Selection of references on language and linguistics.
 1 page.
 12 pages.

- --------------------------------------------------------------

How to Purchase a copy
- ---------------------

The price is GBP 35 plus postage with a reduced price of GBP 28 for
members of the British Computer Society.

Postage and packing are GBP 5 for UK and Europe addresses and GBP 12 
for the rest of the world.

Copies may be invoiced to organisations.

Payment may be by sterling cheque or charged to Visa or Mastercard.

Copies may be ordered from the British Computer Society as follows:

Post: The British Computer Society
 FREEPOST* (*from the UK only)
 Publications Department (MTTYO)
 1 Sanford Street
 Swindon, SN1 1BR

Phone: +44(0)1793 417424

Fax: +44(0)1793 480270

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