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Wed Jul 14 1999

Calls: Cognitive Science, Turkish Linguistics

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  1. Colleen Seifert, Cognitive Science Society Newsletter
  2. Gerjan van Schaaik, 10th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics

Message 1: Cognitive Science Society Newsletter

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 20:32:58 -0400
From: Colleen Seifert <>
Subject: Cognitive Science Society Newsletter



1999 Annual Meeting
The twenty-first annual meeting will be held August 19th, 20th, and
21st (Thursday through Saturday), 1999, at Simon Fraser University in
Vancouver, British Columbia. Prof. Martin Hahn is serving as
conference chair. The proceedings will be available both in print and
on the web through Lawrence Erlbaum. This year, a day of tutorials
(partly sponsored by the Office of Naval Research) and workshops
(partly sponsored by the cognitive science program at Indiana
University through the NSF) precedes the conference, and special
interest group meetings will be held. For more information, send email
to "" or visit the conference web site, located at Please register and book your
accommodations SOON! Early registration ends 8/4.

Governing Board Nominations
Please send your nominations for up to four members to serve two
six-year terms filled annually (email to
Nominations must be received by August 15. The current board of
governors includes Larry Barsalou, Micki Chi, Jeff Elman
(Chair-Elect), Susan Epstein, Martha Farah, Ken Forbus, Dedre Gentner,
Jim Greeno, Alan Lesgold, Douglas Medin, Mike Mozer, Vimla Patel, Kim
Plunkett, Colleen Seifert, and Paul Thagard (Chair). The board will
meet in Vancouver to discuss conference policies and future sites,
publications, membership, an undergraduate student society, and ways
to facilitate research in cognitive science. We welcome your ideas,
questions, and comments via email and at the Business Meeting held at
the conference.

This year's Cognitive Science conference will explore the possibility
of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in Cognitive Science. SIGs are an
important component of many scientific societies, providing a
mechanism for networking and collaboration of researchers interested
in a particular area. Two SIGs have already been proposed (on
Educational Dialog, and Human Centered Design of Computing
Environments) but others are welcome. The meetings at the conference
will be informal, and there is no fee or early signup required. If
you would like more information contact: Brian Fisher at

Cognitive Science Journal
Our long-time publisher, Ablex Press, has merged its operations with
JAI Press, and now merged again with Elsevier. Executive Editor Jim
Greeno and current editors Robert Jacobs, Ray Gibbs, and Kurt van Lehn
solicit your recommendations for an editor to fill in for Mark
Steedman. Also, if you are experiencing problems with your
subscription, please contact the society office at 734-429-9248 or
send email to ""

Reprint Permissions
A reminder: The society holds the copyright for materials published in
the journal and in the proceedings of the annual meeting, and grants
their use at no charge given the authors\185 permission. Please contact
the society office to request reprint permissions for the journal
(published by Elsevier) and proceedings (published by Erlbaum), and
NOT the publishers.

Future Conferences
The 22nd annual meeting will be held August 12-15, 2000 at University
of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and co-chaired by Aravind Joshi &
Lila Gleitman. The 2001 meeting will take place at Edinburgh
University in Scotland, and will be chaired by Keith Stenning. If
you\185d like to consider hosting a conference at your university, please
contact the society office for more information.

Society Web Page
"Latest news" is posted weekly, along with funding opportunities,
employment ads, conference announcements, and links to related
societies, journals, and programs. Please check the page regularly
for updates. If you would like to post an announcement, send email to
"" or visit
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Message 2: 10th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 12:50:27 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Gerjan van Schaaik <>
Subject: 10th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics

****************************** ICTL-2000 *******************************

***************** X. Uluslararasi Tlrk Dilbilimi Kurultayi *************

********* Tenth International Conference on Turkish Linguistics ********

 First Circular: 15 July 1999

The Tenth International Conference on Turkish Linguistics will be held
between 16-18 August 2000 at Bopazigi \niversitesi, Istanbul. The
official language of the conference will be English, but submissions
in Turkish are also welcome.

The organisers will host three types of presentation: individual papers, 
workshops, poster sessions. 

1. Individual papers
Time allotted to each speaker will be 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for 

2. Workshops
Workshops are intended to create a platform where specific topics are 
discussed in depth. Workshop organisers are therefore asked to bring 
together work dealing with related aspects of a topic rather than aim at 
general aspects of broader issues. Each workshop will last between 1.5-2 
hours. The organiser of a workshop is expected to invite 3-4 researchers 
working on a specific topic, as well as designate a moderator. The 
organiser should submit a general abstract of the workshop together with 
the abstracts of the individual presentations. An organiser may choose 
to act as a moderator, or to present a paper. A workshop will be 
evaluated on the basis of whether it constitutes a cohesive session. 
Each submission will also be evaluated separately.

3. Poster sessions
These are intended to provide information about work in progress, and/or 
research results; poster sessions are also suitable to give 
demonstrations such as computer programs, etc. 

Selection of papers
The selection of individual papers, workshops, and poster sessions will 
be made by a review committee on the basis of anonymous evaluation of the 

Submission of abstracts 
The deadline for the receipt of abstracts (including workshop proposals) 
is Tuesday, 1 February 2000. The maximum number of abstracts that may be 
submitted by any individual is one single-authored and one jointly 
authored. This limit applies for all abstracts. 
Abstracts should not exceed one page including examples and bibliography. 
The preferred format is single line space, 12 points Times New Roman. For 
each abstract, please submit one named copy and five unnamed copies, and 
ensure that nothing in the text of your abstract reveals your identity. 

More Information 

E-mail address:

Postal address: 	ICTL-2000
 X. Uluslararasi Tlrk Dilbilimi Kurultayi
 			Dil Merkezi
			Bogazici Universitesi
			80815 Bebek / Istanbul
 Phone:		(+) 90-212 257 5039
 Fax:		(+) 90-212 287 2470

The second circular will be sent out by mid October 1999.

Local Organisers

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