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  1. Paul Peranteau, Philology; Latin in Use, Linguistica Tyrrhenica II

Message 1: Philology; Latin in Use, Linguistica Tyrrhenica II

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 17:29:47 -0400
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Philology; Latin in Use, Linguistica Tyrrhenica II

John Benjamins North America announces the availability of these two titles
published by J C Gieben, Amsterdam.

Latin in Use
Amsterdam Studies in the Pragmatics of Latin
Rodie Risselada

Bolkenstein, A. M.: Between brackets; (some properties of) parenthetical
clauses in Latin. An investigation of the language of Cicero's letters.
Jong, J. R. de: Deictic and anaphoric usage of the pronoun iste.
Jong, J. R. de: Ecce!
Kroon, C. H. M.: Particles and tenses in Latin narrative discourse.
Pinkster, H.: Is the Latin present tense the unmarked, neutral tense in the
Risselada, R.: Postreno, tandem L: igures terga dederunt. A contrastive
study of the dis-course functions of tandem and postremo.

Amsterdam Studies in Classical Philology, Vol. 8
1999 viii, 120 pp.	Cloth: 90 5063 297 1	
US & Canada through John Benjamins: USD45.00
Rest of world: please contact J C Gieben Publishers at <>


Linguistica Tyrrhenica II
Fred C. Woudhuizen
In this second volume of Linguistica Tyrrhenica the relationship of
Etruscan with the Indo-European languages of Asia Minor will be further
explored. The first part deals with the second largest inscription in the
Etruscan language, the Capua tile. The second part presents the new
insights from the Capua tile and a few minor texts in the same concise and
systematic order as developed for the first volume of this series. Hence,
it likewise consists of a dictionary part with extensive explications per
item and sections on orthography, phonology, morphology and grammar
exemplified by selected texts in translation. This volume further contains
appendices on the Pyrgi texts, toponyms and personal names of Anatolian
background, and Indo-European aspects.

J. C. Geiben
1999 221 pp.	Paper: 90 5063 577 6	
US & Canada through John Benjamins: $45.00
Rest of world: please contact J C Gieben Publishers at <>

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