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Books: Austronesian Linguistics

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  1. Lisa Natascha Barrett, Austronesian Ling: A Grammar of Tukang Besi, M. Donahue

Message 1: Austronesian Ling: A Grammar of Tukang Besi, M. Donahue

Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 16:03:42 +0200
From: Lisa Natascha Barrett <>
Subject: Austronesian Ling: A Grammar of Tukang Besi, M. Donahue

Mark Donohue
A Grammar of Tukang Besi
1999. 24 x 16 cm. XXVI, 576 pages. 14 fig. 23 tab. 7 plates.
5 maps.
Cloth. DM 348,--/\246S 2540,--/sFr 310,--/ approx. US$ 218.00.
ISBN 3-11-016188-5
(Mouton Grammar Library 20)

This is a comprehensive descriptive grammar of the Tukang Besi
language. Since Tukang Besi is a hitherto virtually undescribed
language of eastern Indonesia, the book includes samples of glossed
and translated texts, and a vocabulary. In addition to general
descriptive coverage of many morphosyntactic phenomena, several
aspects of the grammar (such as the status of pronominal indexing, the
grammatical status of the 'subject' and other arguments, and the
interactions of grammatical function changing constructions) receive a
more detailed treatment, since they bear on aspects of concern for
modern theoretical linguistics. Clause structure requires separate
references to morphological cases, syntactic roles, and semantic
roles, since different grammatical processes are sensitive to
different combinations of these kinds of clause-internal
relations. Add to this the possibilities of adding applicative and
causative formatives, and the result is a system of great complexity
and elegance, one that will appeal to general linguists of various
theoretical persuasions. Because of the geographical location of
Tukang Besi and its unusual combination of typological features -
it combines features of the Philippine-type languages found to the
north and west, and of eastern Indonesian and western Oceanic
languages to the south and east - this grammar will be of interest
to Austronesianists (both synchronically and diachronically) as well
as general linguists.

Released earlier this year:
Jeffrey Heath
A Grammar of Koyra Chiini
1999. 24 x 16 cm. XIV, 453 pages. 
Cloth. DM 298,--/approx. US$ 186.00
ISBN 3-11-016285-7
(Mouton Grammar Library 19)

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