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Tue Jul 27 1999

All: Thanks and Plans

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  1. The LINGUIST List, Thanks and Plans

Message 1: Thanks and Plans

Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 11:01:48 +0200
From: The LINGUIST List <>
Subject: Thanks and Plans

Dear LINGUIST Subscribers,

Thanks to the generous support of individuals and institutions, 
LINGUIST is ready for the new millenium, with an enthusiastic crew 
and plans for improvement of our services. 

As 1999 comes to a close, we would like not only to acknowledge
those of you who have contributed to LINGUIST, but also to let
you know what your contributions have enabled LINGUIST to do 
thus far. 

Thanks to your support, LINGUIST has:

 - Provided graduate fellowships for 13 student editors since 1993,
when the LINGUIST Editorial Support Fund began. Without these students,
there would be no LINGUIST. And, as LINGUIST contributors, you can also
take pride in helping deserving linguistics students attain their goals.
The results, to date: 
 13 M.A. degrees completed or in progress
 5 Ph.D. degrees completed or in progress
 2 teaching jobs secured
 4 jobs in the computer industry secured
 5 international students funded, bolstering LINGUIST's attempt to
 function as a truly international institution.

 - Begun hosting other linguistics-related mailing lists
 (see We 
 now archive 34 lists in addition to the LINGUIST family 
 of lists. 

 - Upgraded our customized editing software so that 
 it now handles Western European characters (Latin 8859-1).

 - Begun upgrading our listserv, in response to the Y2K menace.
 This, in fact, has proved to be a blessing in disguise. When 
 the call for help went out, many of you who had already
 contributed did so again. However, because of the incredible
 generosity of two private and anonymous donors who offered 
 to foot the entire bill, we are now able to use the surplus
 funds to further improve LINGUIST.

As a direct result of your generosity, LINGUIST approaches the
year 2000 with plans for:

 - Expanded support for multiple mailing lists (including multi-list
 searching capabilities and a feature like LINGLITE which will summarize
 the postings of multiple lists selected by the user). 
 - Website analysis intended to improve site navigation and 
 information retrieval.

 - Continuing improvements in our editing software, enabling
 it to handle an even wider range of characters.

 - Improvements in the software supporting our collections of 
 primary data: 
	- the database of dissertation abstracts
	- the directory of programs in linguistics
	- the directory of information about individual linguists

As you can see, your generosity has been put to good use. On behalf of 
the LINGUIST crew, and the 12,000+ people who use LINGUIST, a sincere and
heartfelt thank you to the 1999 contributors whose names are listed below.

1999 Contributors to LINGUIST

Mainstays ($100 and over)


Ann-Marie Andrew
Alan K. Engel
Graeme Forbes
Kevin Gregg
Carolyn Hartnett
Monica Macaulay & Joe Salmons
Patrick Juola
Elizabeth Liddy
John McCarthy
Wolfgang Meyer
Rebecca Larch Moreton
Dipika Mukherjee
David Parkinson
Chi-lin Shih & Richard Sproat
Carlota Smith
Hiroaki Tanaka
Karl Teeter
Catherine Walter
Jung Ju Yoon
Arnold Zwicky


Cornell University
Microsoft Matching Gift (fr. David Parkinson)
Ohio Univ. Linguistics Dept.
Max Planck Institute
Turku University
Univ of Maryland, Dept. of Education
Harvard University
University of North Texas
Rutgers University
University of Surrey
City University of Hong Kong
Ohio State University
Linguistic Assoc. of Great Britain (2 donations)
Pacific Search Consultants
Univ of Canterbury
Stanford Univ., Computer Sci Dept
Univ of Minnesota, Asian Langs Dept
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
University of Basel, English Dept.
Riksuniversiteit Groningen
Univ of British Columbia
Harvard Univ
Michigan State Univ
Univ of Canterbury, N.Z.
Systran - Luxembourg
Arizona State University
Univ. of Alberta
Europaeische Akademie Bozen
Univ of Edinburgh
Tegic Communications
Univ of California, Berkeley, Dept. of Anthropology
Johns Hopkins Univ, Dept. of Cog. Science
Linguistic Society of America
Linguistics Club, Univ. of Connectticut
University of S. Carolina
U. of Montana - Missoula
English Dept. of College of William and Mary
Ozark Center for Language Studies
Univ of Canterbury
Univ of Michigan, Dept of Asian Langs
Univ of Canterbury, New Zealand

Supporters ($50 - $100)

Mark Alberding
Joao Andrade Peres
Julie Auger
Stefano Bertolo
Garland Bills
J. C. Bradfield
Corina Chen
Donna Christian
Virginia Clark
Linda Coleman
Hortensia Curell
Laura J. Downing
Francisco Dubert-Garcia
Susan Fischer
Charles Gribble
Carolyn Grinnell Kirkpatrick
Martin Haspelmath
Richard Hudson
Frances Ingemann
Pauline Jacobson
Suzanne Kemmer
Andrew Mackie
Lisa Reed and Marc Authier
Richard McGinn
M. Lynn Murphy
Geoffrey Nathan
Kunio Nishiyama
Mari Olsen
Barbara Olson-Herrarte
Ingo Plag
James L Fidelholtz & Rosa Graciela Montes
Catherine Rudin
Andreas Schramm
George A. Senf
Maria Sifianou
Dan Slobin
Ute Smit
Hyun Suk Song
Xulio Sousa
Pius ten Hacken
Elly van Gelderen
Catherine Walters
Thomas Wasow
Doug Whalen
Ronnie Wilbur
Dovie R. Wylie (in memory of Keith Denning)
Moira Yip

Donors ($50 and under)

Jannis Androutsopoulos
Paula Baird
Francesca Bargiela
Elena Bashir
Katherine Bassein
Wynn Chao
Naomi Cull
Anthony Davis
Susan Fitzgerald
Susan Foster-Cohen
Laura Fox
Elaine J. Francis
Glenn Frankenfield
Stefan Frisch
Janet Fuller
Rosa J. Garcia
Frank Gladney
Frank Gladney
Ricardo Gomez
Joachim Grabowski
Suzette Haden Elgin
Kirk Hazen
Henry M. Hoenigswald
Alice Horning
Su-Ying Hsaio
Mary Jane Hurst
Michael Israel
Henrik Joergensen
Kimberley Jones
Yuri Kite
Harriet Klein
Michael Kliffer
Andrew & Melissa Koontz-Garboden
Heather Marsden
Bart Mathias
Scott McGinnis
Scott and Rebecca McGinnis
Edith Moravcik
Keigo Noda
Andrea G. Osburne
Florence Reeder
Lynn Santelmann
Cristina Sanz
Ronald Schaefer
Carolyn Sobel
Nick Sobin
Paul & Virginia Stevens (In memory of Walter Cook)
Robert Trammell
Kazami Uchida
Angelick van Hout
Guido Vanden Wyngaerd
Max Wheeler
Elizabeth Winkler
Argenis Zapata
Jack Zeldis

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