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Mon Aug 2 1999

Qs: Computers & Reconstruction, Serbian Aspect

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  1. Kari Kraus, Computer-aided Techniques in Reconstruction
  2. Jovan & Jelena Filipovic, verb aspect in Serbian

Message 1: Computer-aided Techniques in Reconstruction

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 10:47:54 -0400 (EDT)
From: Kari Kraus <>
Subject: Computer-aided Techniques in Reconstruction

I'd like to look into computer-aided techniques in language
reconstruction. For instance, is there any software available or in the
pipeline that helps the researcher apply (or rather reverse) the
systematic sound changes that language undergoes (assimilation,
epenthesis, metathesis, etc.)? What programming language would facilitate
such a formidable undertaking? And does such an enterprise fall within
the purview of natural language processing (i.e., is computer-aided
reconstruction an ancillary of this more comprehensive discipline?)? I
guess what I'm really after is the technical details: does one start with
a lexical corpus marked up in SGML and then proceed from there? I am
entering into completely unfamiliar territory and so have trouble
envisioning the various stages of the process, not to mention the kinds of
questions to be asked.

If anyone could direct me to specific journals, websites, databases,
etc. I would be most grateful. I'm not aiming to become an expert in
this area but I would like to familiarize myself with both the state
of the art and the most important resources out there in order to keep
apace with the growth of the field.

Best wishes,

Kari Kraus
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Message 2: verb aspect in Serbian

Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 11:34:17 +0200
From: Jovan & Jelena Filipovic <jfilipovicsezampro.yu>
Subject: verb aspect in Serbian

Does anybody know of any more recent research on Serbian verb aspect? 
Or research dealing with verb aspect in Serbian as a morphophonological
category (rather than a semantic or a morphosyntactic category as the
traditional grammarians say)? Also, is anybody aware of an extensive
list of Serbian verbs by their aspectual features? 
Thanks in advance, 
Please answer directly to this e-mail address.

 Jelena Filipovic, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Spanish language and 
 College of Philology- Belgrade University

 C�sar L. D�ez Plaza, Visiting lecturer, 
 College of Philology, Belgrade University
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