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Mon Aug 2 1999

Qs: Descriptive Grammars, druthers, Verbs/Serbian

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  1. Sofia AHSAN, descriptive grammars
  2. Alex Monaghan CA, druthers
  3. Jovan & Jelena Filipovic, verb aspect in Serbian

Message 1: descriptive grammars

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 13:44:48 +0100
From: Sofia AHSAN <>
Subject: descriptive grammars

Dear linguists, 

I wonder if anyone could provide me with some bibliographical
information concerning German: 

I'm looking for descriptive grammars of German(written in English or 
French) that I could use in typological research (not only synchronic,
but if possible also about diachrony and dialects). I am currently aware
of the following: 

Eisenberg, Peter (1994): German. In: Koenig, Ekkehard / van der Auwera, 
Johan (eds.): The Germanic Languages. London / New York. 
Curme, George O. (1922): A Grammar of the German Language. New York. 
Russ, Charles, V.J. (ed.)(1989): The Dialects of Modern German. A
Survey. Stanford. 
Feuillet, Jack (1993): Grammaire structurale de l'Allemand. Bern. 

I'd very much appreciate your help. 
Thank you in advance 

Sofia Ahsan 

Please reply to me directly since I am not a subscriber to this list: 

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Message 2: druthers

Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 14:55:51 GMT
From: Alex Monaghan CA <>
Subject: druthers

does anyone have an account of how "i would rather" formed "druthers" in US 
english? or is there a different derivation? the change from gapped clause to 
declinable noun seems unusual to say the least.

comments welcome,
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Message 3: verb aspect in Serbian

Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 11:34:17 +0200
From: Jovan & Jelena Filipovic <jfilipovicsezampro.yu>
Subject: verb aspect in Serbian

Does anybody know of any more recent research on Serbian verb aspect? 
Or research dealing with verb aspect in Serbian as a morphophonological
category (rather than a semantic or a morphosyntactic category as the
traditional grammarians say)? Also, is anybody aware of an extensive
list of Serbian verbs by their aspectual features? 
Thanks in advance, 
Please answer directly to this e-mail address.

 Jelena Filipovic, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Spanish language and 
 College of Philology- Belgrade University

 C\233sar L. D\237ez Plaza, Visiting lecturer, 
 College of Philology, Belgrade University
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