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Thu Aug 12 1999

Books: Prosody/Morphology

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  1. Joyce Reid, The Prosody/Morphology Interface

Message 1: The Prosody/Morphology Interface

Date: 12 Aug 99 15:37:48 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: The Prosody/Morphology Interface

The Prosody-Morphology Interface
Rene Kager, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Harry van der Hulst, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Wim Zonneveld, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

In many languages, word formation is restricted by principles of
prosody that organize speech sounds into larger units such as the
syllable. Written by an international team of leading linguists in the
field of prosodic morphology, this book examines a range of key issues
in the interaction of word formation and prosody. It provides an
explanation for nonconcatenative morphology that occurs in different
forms (such as reduplication) in many languages, by an interaction of
independent general principles of prosodic and morphological

Rene Kager, Wim Zonneveld, Stuart Davis, Laura Downing, Larry Hyman,
Al Mtenje, Sharon Inkelas, Junko Ito, Armin Mester, John McCarthy,
Alan Prince, Joe Pater, Sam Rosenthal, Grazyna Rowicka, Suzanne

Preface; 1. Introduction Rene Kager and Wim Zonneveld; 2. On the
moraic representation of underlying geminates: evidence from prosodic
morphology Stuart Davis; 3. Verbal reduplication in three Bantu
languages Laura Downing; 4. Prodosic morphology and tone: the case of
Chichewa Larry Hyman and Al Mtenje; 5. Exceptional stress-attracting
suffixes in Turkish: representations versus the grammar Sharon
Inkelas; 6. Realignment Junko Ito and Armin Mester, 7. Faithfulness
and identity in prosodic morphology John McCarthy and Alan Prince;
8. Austronesian nasal substitution and other NC effects Joe Pater;
9. The prosodic base of the Hausa plural Sam Rosenthal; 10. Prosodic
optimality and prefixation in Polish Grazyna Rowicka; 11. Double
reduplications in parallel Suzanne Urbanczyk; Subject index, Language
index; Names index.

1999/452 pp./77 tables
List: $69.95, Disc.: $55.96

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