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Sun Aug 15 1999

Qs: Particles/Turkish, Mongolian, Qs w/Infinitives

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  1. ANDREAS ERAYBAR, Particles in Turkish
  2. Michael Horlick, Classical Mongolian
  3. Eva G. Bar-Shalom, questions with infinitivies

Message 1: Particles in Turkish

Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 03:03:00 PDT
Subject: Particles in Turkish

Dear members of the list,

I am currently writing a paper on the subject, particles in
Turkish. This is the reason why I would like to get in contact with
members of the list who have any information on this topic. I am
especially interested in Turkish modal particles. Please, send your
answers to

I am looking forward to your answers.

Yours faithfully
Andreas Eraybar
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Message 2: Classical Mongolian

Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 11:31:29 -0400
From: Michael Horlick <>
Subject: Classical Mongolian

dear linguists,

 can anyone recommend some good sources on the Classical Mongolian
scripts, specifically the 44-character 'vertical square script', also known
as "hPags-Pa Lodoi Jaltsan's script" or 'dorvolzhin bichig', the official
court script of Kubilai Kahn during the Yuan dynasty ?
 of course, any good sources of information on either the 'soyombo'
horizontal 90-letter script or Zanabazar's 66-letter horizontal square
script will be readily and thankfully accepted as well !

thanks in advance,
 Michael Horlick
 Radio Free Asia
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Message 3: questions with infinitivies

Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 17:03:40 +0000
From: Eva G. Bar-Shalom <>
Subject: questions with infinitivies

Dear colleagues,
I am posting this inquiry about two types of qustions in two 
languages:English and Russian. 

1.Is anyone familiar with any 
analysis of the English wh-questions of the type "What e to do?"
Where e to go?
Is there an ellipsis of some kind here?

2. My other question is the possible analysis of yes-no 
questions in Russian, also with an infnintive verb.

I came across these questions in the speech between very young 
children and parents.
Some examples are:: 1. Knigu chitat'?
 Gloss: book to read?
 "SHall I/'we read a/the book?

 2. Tjazheluju dat'?
 Gloss: heavy (one) to give?
 possible translation: "Should I 
 give the heavy (one) 
Again, I wonder about ellipsis or any other analysis.

Thank you in advance. I'll be happy to post the responses I 
Eva G. Bar-Shalom
Dept. of Linguistics
Univ. of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269
ph: 860-486-0158
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