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  1. Susan Cronin, Lang Contact/Socioling/Canadian Langs

Message 1: Lang Contact/Socioling/Canadian Langs

Date: 18 Aug 99 13:41:03 -0700
From: Susan Cronin <>
Subject: Lang Contact/Socioling/Canadian Langs

Language in Canada
Edited by John Edwards, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia

Canada is a country in which many languages intertwine. French and
English are the original "charter" languages, but there is also a
large number of aboriginal and immigrant varieties which contribute to
the overall picture. This book provides a comprehensive look at all
these languages, at how they came into contact and sometimes conflict
and at the many ways in which they weave themselves through and around
the Canadian social fabric. The broader issues of public policy,
particularly educational policy and language are also given
comprehensive coverage.

Real Allard, Philippe Barbaud, John Berry, Gary Caldwell, Charles
Castonguay, Jack Chambers, Sandra Clarke, Richard Clement, Eung-Do
Cook, Ron Cosper, Jim Cummins, Wilfrid Denis, Lynn Drapeau, Leo
Driedger, John Edwards, James Frideres, Fred Genesee, Josiane Hamers,
Betty Harnum, Kirsten Hummel, Ruth King, Roderique Landry, Robert
Leavitt, William Mackey, Kenneth McRae, Raymond Mougeon, Kim Noels,
Robert Papen, Terry Pratt, Gunter Schaarschmidt

Introduction; 1. The foundations; 2. The fading Canadian duality;
3. Official bilingualism: from the 1960s to the 1990s; 4. Official
multiculturalism; 5. Language in education:bridging educational policy
and social psychological research; 6. Aboriginal languages:history;
7. Aboriginal languages:current Status; 8. French: Canadian varieties;
9. French in Quebec; 10. French in New Brunswick; 11. French outside
New Brunswick and Quebec; 12. English: Canadian varieties; 13. English
Quebec; 14. The teaching of international languages; 15. French
immersion in Canada; 16. Language in Newfoundland; 17. Language in
Prince Edward Island; 18. Language in Nova Scotia; 19. Language in New
Brunswick; 20. Language in Quebec: Aboriginal and heritage varieties;
21. Language in Ontario; 22. Language in Manitoa; 23. Language in
Saskatchewan: Anglo-hegemony maintained; 24. Language in Alberta:
unilingualism in practice; 25. Language in British Columbia;
26. Language in the Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory.

1998/520 pp.
0-521-56328-3/Hb/List: $89.95 Disc.: $71.96

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