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Confs: Paris Syntax and Semantics Programme

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  1. CSSP 99, CSSP 99 Conference Programme

Message 1: CSSP 99 Conference Programme

Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 16:32:40 +0200
From: CSSP 99 <>
Subject: CSSP 99 Conference Programme



Thursday, October 7th

9h-9h10 : Opening

9h10-10h10 : Invited speaker
Eva Hajicova (Charles U., Prague) : Discourse, focus and presupposition

Thematic session

10h30-11h: Dimitra Kolliakou (Newcastle) & Theodora Alexopoulou
(Edinburgh) : Towards a structural definition of linkhood in Greek
11h-11h30 : Hanneke van Hoof (T�bingen) : I-topicalization: contrastive
topic or multiple focus?
11h30-12h : Ron Artstein (Rutgers) : Focus below the word level
12h-12h30 : Robert D. Van Valin (SUNY Buffalo) : Quantifier scope in 
Toba Batak

- --------------
Thematic Session

14h-14h30 : Jacques Jayez (EHESS) & Corinne Rossari (U. Gen�ve) : The
accommodation profile of discourse markers
14h30-15h : Arthur Merin (Stuttgart) : For every BUT there is an IF

15h30-16h : Laurence Danlos (Paris 7) : Sur la cor�f�rence �v�nementielle
16h-16h30 : Ana T. Alves (Austin) & Isabel Gomez Txurruka (Austin) :
Discourse effects of same in anaphoric temporal adverbials
16h30-17h : Helen de Hoop (Utrecht) & Henri�tte de Swart (Utrecht) :
Optimal interpretations of discourse
17h-17h30 : Massimo Poesio (Edinburgh) & Uwe Reyle (Stuttgart) : Partially
resolved interpretations

17h30-19h30 : Party

19h30-20h30 : Invited speaker :
Oswald Ducrot (EHESS) : La concession dans les �nonc�s interrogatifs.
Approche argumentative

- -------------------

Friday, October 8th

9h-10h : Invited Speaker :
Nicholas Asher (Austin) : Logics of conversation

10h30-11h : Josep Quer (U.A. Barcelone) : The quantificational force of
free choice items
11h-11h30 : C�cile Meier (T�bingen) : A semantics for result clauses and
constructions with too
11h30-12h : Meltem Kelepir (MIT) : Negation is free: evidence from Turkish
12h-12h30 : Malka Rappaport Hovav (Bar Ilan) & Beth Levin (Stanford) :
Reevaluation the direct object restriction on English resultatives

- -----------------------------------------------

14h-15h : Invited Speaker :
Tanya Reinhart (Utrecht) : Interpretation of theta-roles

15h30-16h : Martine Coene (Antwerp), Yves d'Hulst (Leiden) & Liliane
Tasmowski (Leuven) : Romance vocatives and the DP hypothesis
16h-16h30 : Kleanthes K. Grohmann (U. Maryland) : The syntax-discourse
interface of multiple Wh-constructions
16h30-17h : Caroline Heycock (Edinburgh) & Roberto Zamparelli (Edinburgh) :
The syntax and semantics of DP-internal coordination

- -------------------

Saturday, October 9th

9h-10h : Invited Speaker :
Sandra Chung (UCSC) : Restriction versus saturation

10h30-11h : James Mc Closkey (UCSC) : On the expression of existence in Irish
11h-11h30 : Robert D. Levine (Ohio State), Thomas E. Hukari (U. Victoria),
Michael Calcagno (T�bingen): Unbounded dependencies : a unified class
11h30-12h : Robert D. Levine (Ohio State): Tough complementation and
clausal transparency
12h-12h30 : Alan Munn (Michigan) : Extraction domains and the semantics of


Jean-Pierre Koenig (SUNY Buffalo), Gail Mauner (SUNY Buffalo) & Breton
Bienvenue (SUNY Buffalo) : Arguments for adjuncts
Petra Sleeman (Amsterdam) : Adjectival agreement within DP without feature
Monika Kozlowska (Gen�ve) : Ensuite et la narration dans le discours
George Tsoulas (York) & Artemis Alexiadou (T�bingen) : Scrambling and
extraposition : a case for cyclic spell-out


Registration Form / Fiche d'Inscription

Name / Nom :
Affiliation :
e-mail address / courriel :

Will attend the conference / Participera a la conference

Fees / Tarif (including party / reception comprise) : FF 250 - Students /
Etudiants : FF 150,
to be paid on registration in Paris / payables lors de la conference

Please send this completed form via e-mail or post to / Renvoyez-nous cette
fiche completee par courrier electronique ou postal a : CSSP99
 URA 1028
 Tour Centrale 9ieme Etage
 Universite Paris 7
 2 place Jussieu
 75251 Paris cedex 05

Practical Information / Informations pratiques

The Conference takes place in Paris 7th University / La conference a lieu a
l'Universite Paris 7
Metro station : Jussieu
For more information, see our Web page starting Tuesday, September 14th /
Pour plus d'informations, reportez-vous a notree page Web a partir du mardi
14 septembre:

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Universite Paris 7
UFRL, Case 7003
2 Place Jussieu
75251 Paris-Cedex 05

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