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Thu Sep 9 1999

Sum: Portugese Child Language

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  1. Madalena Cruz-Ferreira, Portuguese child language

Message 1: Portuguese child language

Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 20:35:56 +0800
From: Madalena Cruz-Ferreira <>
Subject: Portuguese child language

This is a follow-up on my LinguistList query on the acquisition of native
Portuguese, posted August 29th.
Many thanks to all who took the trouble and the time to look up references
and contacts - I tried to reply privately to all, but a few messages bounced
Below is a digest of the answers I got.

- On first language acquisition:
Naomi S. BARON, Growing up with Language: How children learn to talk,
Addison Wesley Publishing Company
Philip S. DALE, Language and Development: Structure and Function, Holt
Rinehart and Winston Publ. Co.

- On Portuguese Child Language, research done at the University of Lisbon:
PhD Thesis:
M. Joao FREITAS (1997). Aquisicao da Estrutura Silabica do Portugues

MA Thesis:
Ernestina CARRILHO (1994). A Topicalizacao e a Construcao de Objecto Nulo no
Desenvolvimento Sintactico do Portugues Europeu (a producao espontanea de
duas criancas dos 2;00 aos 3;03 anos)
Fernanda M. R. GONCALVES (1994). Negacao Frasica em Portugues.
Caracterizacao sintactica com referencia ao processo de aquisicao.
Maria Sousa Lobo GONCALVES (1994). Para uma Redefinicao do Parametro do
Sujeito Nulo.
Antonio Quintas MENDES (1991). A Referencia Temporal no Discurso
Conversacional aos 2/3 anos de idade.
Carla SOARES (1998) - a thesis on the acquisition of functional categories.
Manuela VASCONCELOS - a recent thesis on relative clauses.

The theses are unpublished. The webpage of the Faculty of Arts, University
of Lisbon is at:

- Associacao Portuguesa de Linguistica:
selected papers from an international conference on first language
acquisition organised by the Association are published in:
Isabel Hub FARIA & M. Joao FREITAS (eds.) (1995). Studies on the Acquisition
of Portuguese. Lisboa: Associacao Portuguesa de Linguistica/ Edicoes
Other papers on the subject are published in the Association's Proceedings,
Actas dos Encontros Nacionais da Associca´┐Żo Portuguesa de Linguistica.

The webpage of the Association is at:

Madalena Cruz-Ferreira

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