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Books: General Linguistics

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  1. Dawn Williams, General Ling - Essential Introductory Linguistics, G. Hudson

Message 1: General Ling - Essential Introductory Linguistics, G. Hudson

Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 12:50:10 -0400
From: Dawn Williams <>
Subject: General Ling - Essential Introductory Linguistics, G. Hudson

Hello from Blackwell Publishers!

I am writing to let you know that Essential Introductory Linguistics, by
Grover Hudson is now available for sale at a limited time discount offer,
and as a complimentary copy for professors to review for course adoption!

<<Praise for this new linguistics resource>>
"Grover Hudson's new textbook is an exciting discovery, unlike any other
introductory text in linguistics I have seen, and I eagerly anticipate
ordering it. Theoretical notions that are notoriously challenging for
beginners...are handled with finesse. The book is remarkably efficient in
organization...convenient for teachers and students to use both as a text
and as a study guide. Students will have ready access to material on any
central topic, and instructors will have flexibility."
Jeffrey P Kaplan, San Diego State University

"Particularly impressive are the number, originality, and quality of
exercises provided at the end of each chapter, necessary learning tools
for both the novice student and instructor. I am anxious to "test-drive"
this text the next time I teach linguistics."
Kathy Lyday-Lee, Elon College

<<Special features of the text>>
- Covers virtually every topic which might be included in introductory
courses in language and/or linguistics.
- Organizes material according to the typical structure of a one semester
course, in 28 brief chapters corresponding to two class periods.
- Packs each chapter with short, objective exercises designed to engage
students in active learning.
- Provides recommended readings after each chapter to stimulate students
to explore the topics further.
- Covers major topics such as syntax and phonology at differing levels in
different chapters, allowing teachers to match the reading to the level of
the course.

Essential Introductory Linguistics is the ideal text for busy students who
want a textbook that gets straight to the point by only including the most
important information. It is strictly selective, highly structured,
focused, to-the-point and informative.

I have included a full table of contents listing at the bottom of this
message. For more information and ordering details at a 20% discount
(valid until October 31st 1999) about this book and others listed, please
call 1-800-216-2522 or contact me at If you are
teaching an appropriate course with 10 or more students, send me details
of your course (course title/number of students), along with your shipping
address and phone number to receive a complimentary copy.

Thank you,

Dawn Williams
Blackwell Publishers, Boston, MA - Oxford, UK
Examination Copy:
To Order Books Call 1-800-216-2522 or Fax 781-388-8210
To Order Journals Call 1-800-835-6770
Visit Blackwell Publishers on the WEB at for
full table of contents and other special offers on all our titles.

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listings at

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Table of Contents for Essential Introductory Linguistics:
1. Sign, Communication, and Language. 
2. Phonetics. 
3. Phones and Phonemes. 
4. Morphemes. 
5. The Lexicon and Morphological Rules. 
6. Sentences and Syntax. 
7. Phrase Structure Rules. 
8. Child Language Learning. 
9. Explanations of Child Language Learning. 
10. Language and the Brain. 
11. Adult Language Learning. 
12. Animal Languages? 
13. Phonological Rules. 
14. Phonological Features. 
15. Five Ways to Get New Words. 
16. Seven More Ways to Get New Words. 
17. Sentence Meaning. 
18. Sentence Form. 
19. Pragmatics: Inferring Meaning in Context. 
20. The Unity of Languages. 
21. The Basic History of Writing. 
22. The Ecology of Writing. 
23. Three Characteristics of Language Change. 
24. Six Causes of Language Change. 
25. Language Families. 
26. Dialects and other Sociolects 
27. Register.
28. Linguistics.

Essential Introductory Linguistics
Grover Hudson
Michigan State University
1999 ~ 6 3/4 x 9 3/4 ~ 533 pages 
0-631-20303-6 ~ hardcover ~ $69.95
0-631-20304-4 ~ paperback ~ $39.95
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