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Mon Sep 13 1999

Qs: Russian Word Formation, Intransitive Verb

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  1. Elezar, Russian word formation
  2. Claudia Bubel, Intransitive Verb + DO phenomenon

Message 1: Russian word formation

Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 18:03:27 EDT
From: Elezar <>
Subject: Russian word formation

Hi, I am writing to you for an advise on where to find textbooks with the 
rules on morphology (word formation, suffixation, etc.) in Russian. I am a 
Ph.D candidate at Boston University, working with Dr. Jean Berko Gleason, and 
I would like to do a study on english morphology acquisition by Russian 
children from families of recent emegrees. I would like to see if their 
knowledge/mastery of Russian morphology will aid in language 2 acquisition, 
as well as the order of acquisition of specific morphological units.
Also, if anyone knows of a recent works done in Russia on the subject of 
morphology acquisition, please let me know (as well as how I can get my hand 
on it)
Thank you.
Elena Zaretsky
My email is:; or 
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Message 2: Intransitive Verb + DO phenomenon

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 12:02:07 +0200
From: Claudia Bubel <>
Subject: Intransitive Verb + DO phenomenon

Dear colleagues,

Does anyone know a term for the following phenomenon, where a verb (often
intransitive) is followed by a direct object from the same morphological stem?

+ to fight a good fight
+ to sleep the sleep of the just
+ to dream the impossible dream
+ to talk the talk
+ to see the sights 

Any references would be very welcome. I will post a summary. 



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