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Mon Sep 13 1999

Calls: Ling/Aspectual system, Sequential Text Analysis

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  1. bls, Linguistics/Aspectual systems/Syntax-semantics

Message 1: Linguistics/Aspectual systems/Syntax-semantics

Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 14:15:34 -0700
From: bls <>
Subject: Linguistics/Aspectual systems/Syntax-semantics

Berkeley Linguistics Society 26


February 18-21, 2000. University of California, Berkeley 

General Session: 
The General Session will cover all areas of general linguistic interest. 

 Invited Speakers 
 ELLEN PRINCE, University of Pennsylvania 
 SHERMAN WILCOX, University of New Mexico 
 WALT WOLFRAM, North Carolina State University

Parasession: Aspect

The Parasession invites papers on aspectual systems and related
phenomena from various theoretical/formal, historical, cognitive,
functional, sociolinguistic, and typological perspectives, as well as
descriptive work and field reports.

 Invited Speakers 
 BETH LEVIN, Stanford University 
 ANGELIKA KRATZER, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
 MANFRED KRIFKA, University of Texas, Austin

Special Session: Syntax and Semantics of the Indigenous Languages of the

The Special Session will feature research on the indigenous languages
of the Americas. Papers addressing both synchronic and diachronic
issues are welcome.

 Invited Speakers 
 EMMON BACH, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
 MARIANNE MITHUN, University of California, Santa Barbara 
 JERRY SADOCK, University of Chicago

We encourage proposals from diverse theoretical frameworks and welcome
papers from related disciplines, such as Anthropology, Cognitive
Science, Computer Science, Literature, Philosophy, and Psychology.

Papers presented at the conference will be published in the Society's
Proceedings, and authors who present papers agree to provide
camera-ready copy (not to exceed 12 pages) by May 15, 1999.
Presentations will be allotted 20 minutes with an additional 10
minutes for questions.

We ask that you make your abstract as as specific as possible.
Include a statement of your topic or problem, your approach, and your
conclusions. Please send 10 copies of an anonymous one-page (8 1/2" x
11", unreduced) abstract. The reverse side of the page may be used
for data and references only.

Along with the abstract send a 3"x5" card listing: 

 #paper title;
 #session (General, Parasession, or Special);
 #for general session abstracts only, subfield, viz., Discourse Analysis,
Historical Linguistics, Morphology, Philosophy and 
 Methodology of Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Pragmatics,
Psycholinguistics, Semantics, Sociolinguistics, or Syntax;
 #name(s) of author(s);
 #affiliation(s) of author(S);
 #e-mail address to which notification of acceptance or rejection should
be sent;
 #primary author's office and home phone numbers;
 #primary author's e-mail address, if available.

An author may submit at most one single and one joint abstract. In case of
joint authorship, one address should be designated for 
communication with BLS. 
Please send abstracts to: 

 BLS 26 Abstracts Committee 
 1203 Dwinelle Hall 
 University of California, Berkeley 
 CA 94720-2650.

Abstracts must be received by 4:00 p.m., October 29, 1999. We may be
contacted by e-mail at 
We will not accept faxed abstracts. 
We strongly encourage submission by e-mail. Please use the subject
header "Abstract", and include all the author information in the body
of the e-mail. Electronic submissions may be sent to

Plain text abstracts should be sent in the body of the e-mail, following
the author information. Acceptable formats are (in a descending 
order of preference): 

1. Adobe PDF;
2. Microsoft Word;
3. Microsoft RTF;
4. Plain text

Abstracts in formats other than plain text should be sent as an
attachment to your e-mail. PDF and PostScript files should have all
fonts embedded. Wirh the exception of SIL IPA fonts, please include
any non-standard fonts that you use (including all non-SIL IPA
phonetic and mathematical fonts). If you send your abstract in any
format other than plain text, please allow for time to solve any
technical difficulties that may arise.

Acknowledgment of receipt will be via e-mail. If you cannot use e-mail,
please make note of this and provide us with your postal 

Notification of acceptance will be sent via e-mail by November 20, 1999. 

Registration Fees: Before February 5, 2000; $15 for students, $30 for
non-students; After February 5, 1999; $20 for students, $35 for 
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Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 04:10:25 -0400
From: Dr. Arne Ziegler <>



edited by
Gabriel Altmann, Gejza Wimmer

The aim of this omnibus volume is to present
(a) a survey of results up to now
(b) presentation of modern analytical methods
(c) application of these methods to texts
(d) a survey of the existing software
(e) methodological considerations

1. General
2. Indices and functions
3. Time series
4. Markov chains
5. Fractals and chaos
6. Fourier analysis
7. Runs and gaps

Each chapter should contain 3-4 articles in English by different authors
Size of a contribution: max 20 pages

Time schedule
Dead line for announcing the contributions: December 31, 1999
Dead line for manuscripts: December 31, 2000

Anouncements should be sent to 
Gabriel Altmann, St�ttinghauser Ringstr. 44, D - 58515 L�denscheid
Fax: +492351973071
Gejza Wimmer, Mathematical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences,
Stefanikova 49, 
SK - 81473 Bratislava, Slovakia
Fax: +427397316
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