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Mon Sep 13 1999

FYI: Machine translation, Learning Chinese/revised

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  1. Colin Brace, Mailing list for machine translation
  2. Zhensheng Geng, Learning Chinese in China (revised version)

Message 1: Mailing list for machine translation

Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 11:50:02 +0200
From: Colin Brace <>
Subject: Mailing list for machine translation

The European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) now has a
mailing list dedicated to machine translation (MT). This list is open
to the public and serves as a forum for the discussion and exchange of
information for all aspects of translation technology.

This mailing list has just been established and as of yet there is no

We kindly request commercial organizations not to use the list for
marketing purposes. We would prefer that vendors not post the full
text of product announcements and such, but rather simply provide an
URL for further reference.

To subscribe, please send a message to the following address:

containing the following text: 

 subscribe mt-list [your email address]

To post a message to the list, send it to:

For more information about the MT-List, please contact the EAMT

For more information the EAMT, please see our Web site:

Please forward this message to others. Thank you.

 Colin Brace <>
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Message 2: Learning Chinese in China (revised version)

Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 08:42:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: Zhensheng Geng <>
Subject: Learning Chinese in China (revised version)

Hainan University in China is accepting applicants for the Program of
Teaching Chinese as Second Language starting January 2000. The
followings provide an outline of the Program.

1, Schedule: Since Chinese universities will start its new year break
at the end of January, foreign students have several options according
to their own schedules.

Option A: Students arrive in Hainan before January 4 and the class
will start from January 5 for 3 weeks. At the end of the 3 weeks
learning, students will be examined to be placed in the right classes
according to their levels. Then students will travel for 3 weeks
inside China. The Spring semester will start in the beginning of
March, last 20 weeks and end at middle of July;

Option B: Students arrive in Hainan at the beginning of March and
start the semester, also end at the middle of July. The travel will be
arranged after the semester is over.

Option C**: Students arrive in Hainan before January 7 and the class
will start from the January 10 at without new year break. 

Option D**: Others. Some students may have schedules different from
the above. They should allow at least two months to see if the
Program can meet their schedule.

 The travel will depend on individual need/interests and the Office
of Foreign Affairs will coordinate students to their interests and try to
reduce the cost as much as possible. 

2, Class curriculum: * Teaching: 16 hours/week. 
 (Listening, spoken, reading, writing)
 * Tutoring: 6 hours/week
 * Students will learn Chinese calligraphy, painting,
 Martial art, Qigong after class or between classes
 according to students interests.
 * Each student will be able to have one Chinese student
 as spoken language fellow.
3, Cost (in US$):

	 1 semester (19-20 weeks)	 $1,000
Tuition	 1 year (2 semesters)		$1,900		
	 (For Option A student, add $50/week for 3 weeks)
 ** In the break weeks, the students will pay
additional $20/week for tuition (i.e., total $70/week)
Housing (private bath, air, color TV, local telephone included)
 $5.00/day, a room shared by 2 students.	
 $7.50/day, one person/room

Food (estimated)	$60/month
Application fee		$30

International trip: Usually via Hong Kong. For one round trip from any
cities in US to Haikou, Hainan is about 1,000, valid
(return day open) for one year. 

Interested individuals please contact the representative in US to obtain
university brochure and/or other information:

Lianqing Wang, Ph. D.,
Associate Professor of Chinese
Hainan University
c/o E-mail:
telephone: (614) 262-1701 (h); (614) 460-4614 (w)
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