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Tue Sep 28 1999

Qs: Graphi Disc Analysis,Text Categorization/IR

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  1. Damon Clark, Graphic discourse analysis
  2. Martin Hadis, text categorization, IR List

Message 1: Graphic discourse analysis

Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 12:23:12 +0000
From: Damon Clark <>
Subject: Graphic discourse analysis

I am doing research into software design (for Nortel Networks), and am
very interested in leveraging any graphic representations of discourse

Does anyone know of any, I would be very obliged if anyone could help.
Please e-mail me if possible.

Thank you very much, and I will keep anyone in touch with the research
they ask.

Damon Clark
- ----------------

Damon Clark
0956 504598
0181 340 2055
01279 403986
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Message 2: text categorization, IR List

Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 18:10:58 GMT
From: Martin Hadis <>
Subject: text categorization, IR List

I am working on a system that needs to do document categorization. I have 
looked at Andrew McCallum's RAINBOW and other systems based on bayesian 
classification but they only give each document one tag or category. I would 
need something that would display the same abilities as RAINBOW but would 
allow multiple tags per document. Does anyone know about such a system? 
Ideally it would be a GNU-license or public domain text categorization / 
document tagging system, but I am also interested in commercial systems, as 
long as they can work automatically in the background (and thus can be 
incorporated into my own system - a command line driven or server oriented 
system would be much beter than a text analysis product that is only 
menu-based and that can't be called from other programs)

If there are more specific lists on information retrieval where other people 
might be able to answer this question with more precision, please do let me 

Yours sincerely

Martin Hadis
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