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Sat Oct 2 1999

Sum: Relation between grammar and lexicon in SLA

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  1. Mikael Parkvall, Relation between grammar and lexicon in SLA

Message 1: Relation between grammar and lexicon in SLA

Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 20:18:28 +0200
From: Mikael Parkvall <>
Subject: Relation between grammar and lexicon in SLA

About two months ago, I asked the Linguist List members whether there
existed any studies that related the size of the grammatical competence and
the vocabulary size in SLA. My question was also forwarded by a friend to
the SLART-L second language acquisition list.

I received thirteen responses, the vast majority through SLART-L rather
than through Linguist. They were of the following five basic types:

* No, but there are such studies on FIRST language acquisition (2
* No, I am familiar with SLA literature, but have never seen any such
studies (5).
* No, and my personal experience suggests that there is no such connexion (2).
* No, but here are some reflexions on the subject (2)
* Yes, Paul Meara has documented such a connexion, but I have no precise
reference to offer (1).

I also got some references to works that were said not deal with the
precise subject of my query, but with allegedly related topics. I must
admit that I haven't checked them out yet, but anyone interested can write
to me for the precise references.

The reference to Paul Meara sounds interesting. It was afterwards suggested
that the paper in question might be one of the following two:

Meara, Paul (1992): Network structures and vocabulary acquisition in a
foreign language. In: Arnaud P. and H. Bejoint (Eds.), Vocabulary and
Applied Linguistics. London: Macmillan. 62-70

Meara, Paul (1996): The dimensions of lexical competence. In: G. Brown, K.
Malmkjaer and J. Williams. (Eds). Peformance and Competence in Second
Language Acquisition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

...but neither is available to me at the time of writing this.

The following responded to my query, for which I am of course grateful:

Anette Nielsen <>
Keith Folse <>
Doug Cooper <>
Marcelo Cunha Santos <>
Jeff Siegel <>
Nina Garrett <>
Greg Matheson <>
Leslie Blair <>
Charles Adamson <>
Joe Hilferty <>
Johan Vanparys <>
Tom Leverett <>
Klaus Brandl <>

Mikael Parkvall

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