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Sun Jan 31 1999

Calls: Cognitive Lin/Russia, Lang & Thought/Evidence

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  1. Solovyev V.D., Cognitive linguistics in Russia
  2. Gail Brendel Viechnicki, Midwest Modern Language Association Linguistics Panel

Message 1: Cognitive linguistics in Russia

Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 20:57:23 +0300
From: Solovyev V.D. <>
Subject: Cognitive linguistics in Russia

 International Conference "Cognitive Modelling"
 Call for papers. First Announcement

 We would like to inform you that a "Cognitive Modelling" will be
held at September, 17-19th , 1999 in Research Center in Pushchino.
Pushchino is a beautiful place in Moscow. The conference is organized
by Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence, Computing Center of
Russian Academy of Science, University of Pushchino and Web Journal of
Formal, Computational and Cognitive Linguistics. The aim of the
conference is joining efforts in research of cognitive processes of
researchers in the fields of cognitive linguistics, learning theory,
neural networks, cognitive psychology, knowledge engineering. The
reports on the following themes (but not only listed) are welcome:
cognitive models in linguistics, psycholinguistics, language and
thought, models of cognitive processes in neural networks, cognitive
models of thought and memory, cognitive models of learning and 
self-learning, semantic and pragmatic, language acquisition.

The size of a paper is not limited. The papers could be presented in
English or Russian, in the later case a brief abstract in English is
Please, send your papers by e-mail as MS_Word or RTF file encoded with
uuencode or PostScript file or plain text.
Registration fee of 50 $ should be paid during registration.
The accommodation is very cheap - only 10 $ per day in a hotel.

The deadline for the papers is June 1st 1999.
Please, send your papers by e-mail both 
to "" and "".
Contact phone: +07-8432-624252, (home).
Post address: Russia, 420140, Kazan, Fuchika str., 127-88. 

Conference Chair 
Valery Solovyev, Prof.
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Message 2: Midwest Modern Language Association Linguistics Panel

Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 16:01:44 -0600 (CST)
From: Gail Brendel Viechnicki <>
Subject: Midwest Modern Language Association Linguistics Panel


 - Linguistic Session
 - Midwest Modern Language Association
 - November 4-6, 1999
 - Minneapolis, MN
 Topic: Language/Thought Symbiosis: The Case of Evidence in
 	 Linguistic Discourse

Linguists have made great progress in understanding the various ways in
which evidentiary status is encoded in the world's languages. But can the
tools that linguists have used to analyze evidential systems in other
languages be turned inward, in order to analyze the discourse of
linguistics itself? And what would such an analysis reveal about our

This panel will take a meta-theoretical look at linguistic evidence: What
evidential systems and standards are at work in oral and written academic
linguistic communication? How are these standards revealed in linguistic
discourse? What grammatical and/or rhetorical means do linguists use to
encode evidential status of their claims? 

Furthermore, how are linguistic evidentiary standards affected by grammar,
rhetoric and culture? Do our discursive practices influence the way we
think about our subject matter? For example, does the way we write/talk
about linguistics influence how we think about and practice linguistics?
 How do the "fashions of speaking" in linguistics contribute to what we
might call the linguistic 'reality' that we subscribe to? Do our
discursive practices influence our assumptions about the languages that we

We invite papers that deal with the above questions, as well as related 

Please send papers or abstracts to: 

Gail Brendel Viechnicki 
Linguistics Department 
University of Chicago 
1010 East 59th Street 
Chicago, Illinois 60637 
Specific questions about this panel session can be directed to Answers to most general questions about the
1999 MMLA can be found at

***DEADLINE: March 22, 1999***

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