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Calls: General Ling-LSSA, Comp Ling-GECCO-2000

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  1. Simon Donnelly, General Ling-LSSA: second call for papers
  2. darrell whitley, The 2000 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

Message 1: General Ling-LSSA: second call for papers

Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 19:12:36 +0200
From: Simon Donnelly <>
Subject: General Ling-LSSA: second call for papers

Second Call For Papers
(Modified and Updated)



 (12 - 14 JANUARY 2000)


 Hosted by
Department of Linguistics and Southern African Languages
 (University of Cape Town)
 in conjunction with the Linguistics Society
 of Southern Africa (LSSA)

 Aims of the conference

* Leading scholars review the state of their
* Focus on linguistic research in southern Africa in the
 new millennium
* Continuing to build up long-term contacts between
 scholars from southern Africa, the rest of Africa
 and abroad.
* Encouraging young scholars at a time when language
 studies are under threat at tertiary institutions
 in South Africa
* Focus on under-researched areas such as Khoe-San
 linguistics and African sociolinguistics

Typical areas of concern to southern African linguists

* Developments in linguistic theory
* Structure of Khoe-San languages
* Classification of Khoe-San languages
* Structure of Bantu languages
* Sociolinguistics of Bantu languages
* Status & structure of Afrikaans
* Contact between African languages
* New varieties of English / Portuguese etc.
* Accent diversity in English
* Language endangerment and loss
* Multilingualism and linguistic theory
* Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
* Sign language research
* Historical linguistics and African languages
* Second language acquisition theory
* Heritage languages in Southern Africa
* Psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics and language
* The social history of Afrikaans, English, and
 African languages

Other themes related to education and development are
welcome. In view of the activities of organisations such
as the Southern African Applied Linguistics Association
and many forums for language policy and planning, and of
the theme of the recent 1999 Linguistics Conference
('Putting Linguistics into Practice') the focus of the
2000 conference will be on Linguistics per se.

 Workshops envisaged

* Khoe-San linguistics and applied linguistics
* Trends in African Linguistics
* Afrikaans socio-historical linguistics
* Applied Linguistics and language teaching
* Variation in Southern African English
* Multilingualism at the millennium
* Code-switching at the millennium
* Black South African English

KEYNOTE AND FOCUS SPEAKERS (to be confirmed, pending
funding applications): William Labov, Salikoko Mufwene,
Deborah Cameron, Ayo Bamgbose, Peter Trudgill, Rajendra
Singh, Liliane Haegeman, John R Edwards, RK Herbert, and
other distinguished speakers.

(do stay for the weekend or week after the conference)
* Conference held at foot of mountain near two oceans
* See the sun set over the Atlantic from the top of Table
* Pleasant warm mid-summer coastal temperatures
* Assistance with tours to Robben Island, Wine Route,
 city and township
* Visiting partners programme during the day
* Favourable exchange rates

ABSTRACTS: Due 29 October 1999. Send 200 word abstract to
the Conference Secretary (preferably by e-mail).

For further details write to:
 Ms Nasma Parker
 The Linguistics 2000 Conference Secretary
 P.O. Box 149
 Gatesville 7764
 Cape Town
 South Africa

Cell phone: +27 - 82 - 779 0798
Fax: +27 - 21 - 633 2468

Conference Convenor:
 Raj Mesthrie
 Dept of Linguistics & Southern African Languages
 University of Cape Town
 Private Bag
 Rondebosch 7700
 South Africa

Conference website:
LSSA website:

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Message 2: The 2000 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 16:06:29 -0600 (MDT)
From: darrell whitley <whitleyCS.ColoState.EDU>
Subject: The 2000 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

The 2000 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
(GECCO-2000) will be held July 8-12, 2000 (Saturday to Wednesday)
in Las Vegas, Nevada. GECCO-2000 picks up where GECCO-99 left off
by promising to be the largest, high quality Genetic and Evolutionary
Conference to be held in the year 2000. In 1999, GECCO attracted 619
researchers from all areas of the field of genetic and evolutionary 
computation with outstanding tutorials given by the best names
in the field, plus extremely well-attended workshops in new and 
developing areas on the cutting edge, and 235 quality papers.
(53.5% of submitted papers were accepted in 1999; the acceptance
rate will be less than 50% in 2000).

We expect a similarly engaged, focused, and high quality gathering 
in Las Vegas. We want to encourage the submission of the best work
in the field. Plan on attending the second edition of the premier
conference in the growing field of genetic and evolutionary computation.

Darrell Whitley, General Chair, GECCO-2000


		 Call for Papers and Participation

			 8-12 July, 1999
		 Las Vegas, Nevada USA

			 A Recombination of 
 the Fifth Annual Genetic Programming Conference (GP-2000) 
 and the International Conference on Genetic Algorithms (ICGA-2000)

 In cooperation with American Association for Artificial Intelligence
 and in association with PPSN: Parallel Processing from Nature

GENERAL CHAIR: Darrell Whitley, Colorado State University, 


Genetic Programming and Evolvable Hardware (GP/EH): Lee Spector 
Genetic Algorithms/Classifier Systems (GA/CS): David Goldberg and Erick Cantu-Paz 
Evolution Strategies/Evolutionary Programming (ES/EP): Hans-Georg Beyer
Real World Computing: Ian Parmee

The 2000 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2000)
will present the latest high quality research in the growing field of
genetic and evolutionary computation. Topic area include the following:

 Genetic Algorithms Genetic Programming 
 Evolvable Hardware Classifiers 
 Evolution Strategies Evolutionary Programming 
 Real World Applications Neural Networks 
 Evolutionary Robotics Immune Systems 
 DNA and Molecular Computing Artificial Life/Adaptive Behavior/Agents 
 Data Mining Methodology, Pedagogy and Philosophy 
 Genetic Scheduling, TSP Telecommunications 
 Ant Colony Optimization Manufacturing and Design
 Mathematical Foundations of EAs 

FREE TUTORIALS (Confirmed to date) 

Wolfgang Banzhaf -- Genetic Programming with Linear Genomes
Hans-Georg Beyer -- Introduction to Evolution Strategies
Forrest H Bennett III -- Analog Circuit Design via GP 
Russell Deaton and Stephen Karl -- Introduction to DNA Computing 
Marco Dorigo -- Introduction to Ant Colony Optimization 
Alex Freitas -- Data Mining with Evolutionary Algorithms
David Goldberg -- An Idiosyncratic Introduction to GAs
Robert Heckendorn -- Polynomial Time Walsh Analysis 
Tetsuya Higuchi -- Evolvable Hardware 
John R. Koza -- Introduction to Genetic Programming 
William B. Langdon -- Genetic Programming Data Structures 
Zbigniew Michalewicz -- Constraint Optimization using EAs
Peter Nordin -- Machine Code Genetic Programming 
Tom Ray -- Tierra Tutorial
Guenter Rudolph -- Theory of Real Coded EAs
Conon Ryan -- Automatic Parallelization Using GP
Alan Schultz and Mitch Potter -- Evolutionary Robotics
Moshe Sipper -- Cellular Programming
Michael Vose -- Genetic Algorithm Theory 


Thematic workshops on a variety of topics will be held during the conference.
Annie Wu ( will again chair the workshops and is
seeking proposals for workshop topics. 


The deadline for ARRIVAL at the physical address of the AAAI of eight (8) paper
copies of each submitted paper is Wednesday, January 26, 2000. The address 
is GECCO-2000, c/o AAAI, 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA. 
Phone: 650-328-3123 Submission Instructions are available from the webpage.

Papers will be published and presented as part of the main conference
proceedings only after being peer reviewed (except for up to three invited
plenary speakers). The peer review process will be conducted by specialized 
program subcommittees, each with expertise in the area of the submitted paper.


GECCO-2000 is administered by the conference staff of the American Association
for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA.
Phone: 650-328-3123. FAX: 650-321-4457. E-MAIL:

|-----------------------------------------------------------------| o__ 
| Darrell Whitley EMAIL: | .>/ _ 
| Computer Science PHONE: (970) 491-5373 |(*),\(*) 
| Colorado State University FAX: (970) 491-2466 |
| Fort Collins, CO 80523 | 99:3,240 
|-----------------------------------------------------------------| 98:3,506 
| ** GECCO-2000 ** Las Vegas, Nevada USA, July 8-12, 2000 | 96:3,215 
| Chair: Darrell Whitley; Submission deadline: January 26, 2000 | 95:3,030 
| WEB: or | 94:3,145 
|-----------------------------------------------------------------| Miles
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