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Confs: Lang Learnability/Ling Theory - NELS 30

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  1. Ron Artstein, Lang Learnability/Ling Theory - NELS 30

Message 1: Lang Learnability/Ling Theory - NELS 30

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 17:30:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ron Artstein <>
Subject: Lang Learnability/Ling Theory - NELS 30

 NELS 30 - Conference of the North East Linguistic Society
 and the special workshop on 
 Language Learnability and Linguistic Theory

 October 22-24, 1999

 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
 New Brunswick/Piscataway, New Jersey

Invited Speakers: John McCarthy, University of Massachusetts
 Anna Szabolcsi, New York University
 Mark Baker, Rutgers University

Please check our web site for travel, accommodations, and
program and registration updates, as well as talk abstracts:


Advance registration is closed. On-site registration is $50
for everyone else, $25 for students, payable in cash or in
checks drawn on US banks (make checks payable to Rutgers


Friday, October 22 (Fiber-Optic Auditorium, Busch Campus,
 Piscataway NJ)

08:30 Special invited workshop: 
 Language Learnability and Linguistic Theory

 - Janet Dean Fodor, CUNY: What is innate need not be 
 - Robin Clark, Pennsylvania: Causation and Explanation:
 The Role of Learnability
 - Elan Dresher, Toronto: Meno's Paradox and the
 Learnability of Grammar
 - Bruce Tesar, Rutgers: Overcoming Structural Ambiguity
 in Language Learning
 - Commentators: Robert Matthews and Matthew Stone,

13:00 ---registration and lunch---

(Plenary Session)

Session I: Syntax-Semantics Interface

14:20 Opening Remarks
14:30 INVITED SPEAKER: Anna Szabolcsi, NYU
15:30 Yoad Winter, Technion: DP Structure and Flexible
16:00 Rajesh Bhatt, Texas: Adjectival Modifiers and the
 Raising Analysis of Relative Clauses
16:30 ---break---
17:00 Cedric Boeckx, Connecticut: Interpreting A-chains at
 the interface
17:30 Diana Cresti, Michigan: Ellipsis and Reconstruction in
 Relative Clauses
18:00 Kai von Fintel and Sabine Iatridou, MIT: Quantifiers,
 Modals, and If-Clauses
18:30 ---end---

Saturday, October 23 (Frelinghuysen Hall, College Avenue 
 Campus, New Brunswick NJ)

(Plenary Session)

Session II: Syntax

08:30 ---coffee---
09:00 INVITED SPEAKER: Mark Baker, Rutgers
10:00 Cornelia Krause, MIT: On an (in-)visible Property of
 Inherent Case

10:30 ---break---

(Parallel Sessions)

Session IIIa: Syntax (and acquisition of syntax)

11:00 Maaike Verrips, Utrecht: Passives and implicit
 arguments in child language
11:30 Andrew Simpson, SOAS and Tanmoy Bhattacharya, UCL:
 Obligatory overt wh-movement in a wh-in-situ language
12:00 Arthur Stepanov, Connecticut: Late Adjunction and
 Minimalist Phrase Structure

Session IIIb: Phonology

11:00 Matt Goldrick, Johns Hopkins: Turbid OT: Opacity in
11:30 Anthi Revithiadou, Massachusetts and Arto Anttila,
 Boston University: Rhythmic Variation in Allomorph
12:00 Adam Sherman, UC Santa Cruz: Root-and-pattern
 morphology without roots or patterns

12:30 ---business meeting---

13:30 ---lunch and poster session 1 (semantics, phonology,

Session IVa: Syntax

15:00 LONG TALK: Zeljko Boskovic, Connecticut: What is
 special about multiple wh-fronting?
16:00 Milan Rezac, Toronto: Objects and Operations
16:30 Jon Nissenbaum, MIT: Covert Movement and Parasitic

Session IVb: Phonology

15:00 LONG TALK: John Alderete, British Columbia: Dominance
 Effects as Anti-Faithfulness
16:00 K. David Harrison and Abigail Kaun, Yale:
 Pattern-Responsive Lexicon Optimization
16:30 Bert Vaux, Harvard: Uyghur Raising and the Nature of

17:00 ---break---

(Plenary Session)

Session V: Syntax

17:30 Kazue Takeda, UC Irvine: Multiple Headed Relatives in
 English and Japanese
18:00 Gereon Mueller, Stuttgart: Shape Conservation and
 Remnant Movement

18:30 ---end---

19:00 ---party---

Sunday, October 24 (Frelinghuysen Hall, College Avenue
 Campus, New Brunswick NJ)

08:30 ---coffee---

(Parallel Sessions)

Session VIa: Syntax

09:00 LONG TALK: Chris Kennedy, Northwestern: Comparative
 (sub-) deletion: Evidence for ranked violable
 constraints in syntax
10:00 Geraldine Legendre, Johns Hopkins: Evidence for an OT
 conception of a `parallel' interface
10:30 Hanjung Lee, Stanford: The Emergence of the Unmarked
 Order in Hindi

Session VIb: Semantics

09:00 LONG TALK: Manuel Espanol-Echevarria, Universite Laval
 and Stefano Vegnaduzzo, UCLA: Generalizing Exception
 Constructions: the Case of Romance UNTIL
10:00 Carlo Cecchetto, Siena: What syntax cannot do is
 pseudocleft connectivity 
10:30 Calixto Aguero-Bautista, MIT: On Pair-list Readings

11:00 ---break---

Session VIIa: Syntax

11:30 Robert Frank and Fero Kuminiak, Johns Hopkins:
 Primitive Asymmetric C-Command Derives X'-Theory
12:00 Christina Tortora, Michigan: Functional heads and
 object clitics
12:30 Chung-hye Han and Anthony Kroch, Pennsylvania: The
 rise of do-support in English imperatives:
 implications for clause structure

Session VIIb: Semantics

11:30 Rong Yang, Rutgers: Universal Quantification &
 Distributivity in Chinese
12:00 Mandy Simons, Carnegie Mellon: Felicitous
 Disjunctions, Presupposition and Anaphora
12:30 Beata Gyuris, Hungarian Academy of Science: Adverbial
 Quantifiers in Contrastive Topic in Hungarian

13:00 ---lunch and poster session 2 (syntax)---

(Plenary session)

Session VIII: Phonology

14:30 INVITED SPEAKER: John McCarthy, Massachusetts
15:30 Caro Struijke, Maryland: Why Constraint Conflict can
 Disappear in Reduplication
16:00 Rene Kager, Utrecht: Ternary Alternations and Lexical

16:30 ---end---

Posters: (* designates alternate talk)

Poster session 1 (Saturday)


* Ahmadu Ndanusa Kawu, Rutgers/Ilorin: Structural Markedness
 and Nonreduplicative Copying
- Arto Anttila, Boston University and Young-mee Yu Cho,
 Rutgers: NDEB as a Faithfulness Effect
- Katherine M. Crosswhite, UCLA: The Non-Unitary Nature of
 Vowel Reduction
- Jie Zhang, UCLA: Phonetic Duration Effects on Contour


* Cassandre Creswell, Pennsylvania: The discourse function
 of verum focus in wh-questions
- Ryan Bush, UC Santa Cruz and Magda Tevdoradze:
 Identificational Foci in Georgian
- Gwang-Yoon Goh, Ohio State: Is the tough-subject thematic?
- Na-Rae Han, Pennsylvania: Semantic Analysis of Korean
 Wh-words and Questions
- Graham Katz, Tuebingen: Accounting for the stative adverb
- Orin Percus, Milan: Copular sentences and how to use them


* Veronique van Gelderen, Leiden and John Grinstead,
 University of Northern Iowa: Evidence for Early
 Convergence from Child Russian and Catalan Imperatives
- Andrea Gualmini, Luisa Meroni and Stephen Crain, Maryland:
 The Acquisition of Disjunction: Evidence from Modal Verbs

Poster session 2 (Sunday)


* Martina Wiltschko, British Columbia/Vienna: The
 categorical determination of pronominal binding properties
* Alan C. L. Yu and Jeff Good, UC Berkeley: Morphosyntax of
 two Turkish subject pronominal paradigms
- Artemis Alexiadou, Tuebingen and Elena Anagnostopoulou,
 University of Crete: Clitic-Doubling and
- Adolfo Ausin, Connecticut: Where does idiom interpretation
- Paul Hagstrom, Johns Hopkins: The movement of question
- Peter Hallman, UCLA: Germanic Verb-Final as a Subcase of
- Michela M. Ippolito, MIT: The Syntax of Temporal
 Subordinate Clauses
- Dalina Kallulli, Durham/Vienna: Restrictive Relative
 Clauses Revisited
- Jan Koster, Groningen: Pied Piping and the Word Orders of
 English and Dutch
- Jonas Kuhn, Stuttgart: Resolving some apparent formal
 problems of OT-Syntax
- Winfried Lechner, Tuebingen: Conjunction Reduction in
 Subordinate Structures
- Masao Ochi, Connecticut: Adjunct Wh-in-situ and the
 Nominal Island
- Ivy Sichel, CUNY: Evidence for DP-internal Remnant
- Almeida Jacqueline Toribio, Pennsylvania State: Minimalist
 Ideas on Parametric Variation
- Jeong-Me Yoon, Myongji University: Cyclic Spell-Out Model
 and a Parametric Approach to Pied-Piping in English

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