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Mon Oct 18 1999

Confs: "The Hittites & Indo-European" - CORRECTION

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  1. Stuart Wheeler, Greater Anatolia/Indo-Hittite Language Family - CORRECTION

Message 1: Greater Anatolia/Indo-Hittite Language Family - CORRECTION

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 00:06:43 -0400
From: Stuart Wheeler <>
Subject: Greater Anatolia/Indo-Hittite Language Family - CORRECTION

On March 17-19 of 2000 a colloquium entitled "Greater Anatolia and the
Indo-Hittite Language Family" will be held at the University of
Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. The conference will be hosted by
Robert Drews, Professor of Classics and History at Vanderbilt
University and visiting Professor of Classics at the University of

Assuming the Indo-Hittite theory as a point of departure, the
organizers hope that the colloquium will explore but also narrow the
possibilities for the relationship of Greater Anatolia (everything
from the Aegean to the Caspian, and from the Caucasus to the Jazirah)
to both the Anatolian and the "traditional" Indo-European branches of
Indo-Hittite. The colloquium will begin on Friday evening with a
public lecture by Professor Lord Colin Renfrew, followed by a
reception for participants and registrants. The title of Professor
Renfrew's address is, "IndoEuropean Origins: The Case for Anatolia."
On Saturday and on Sunday morning invited speakers will present eight
papers, approaching the topic from a wide variety of disciplines and
perspectives, and the papers will be followed by two critical
responses. It is hoped that all papers and responses will be
intelligible to scholars outside the presenter's own specialty.

Papers will be presented by Elizabeth Wayland Barber, William Darden,
Margalit Finkelberg, Vyacheslav Ivanov, Peter Kuniholm, Alexander
Lehrman, Colin Renfrew, and Paul Zimansky. Craig Melchert and Jeremy
Rutter have agreed to present critical responses. Funding for the
colloquium will be provided by a matching grant made to the University
of Richmond by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

All conference details can be accessed at:
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