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Mon Oct 18 1999

Books: Morphology & Syntax

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  1. Benjamin T. Bruening, Morphology & Syntax - MITWPL Vols 33 & 34

Message 1: Morphology & Syntax - MITWPL Vols 33 & 34

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 10:43:16 -0400
From: Benjamin T. Bruening <muawiyaMIT.EDU>
Subject: Morphology & Syntax - MITWPL Vols 33 & 34

MIT Working Papers in Linguistics announces the publication of two new
working papers, MITWPL #33 and #34, a two-volume collection of papers on
morphology and syntax. Price for each is $20; ordering information can be
found at the MITWPL web site, or by writing to MITWPL:

MIT Working Papers in Linguistics
Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy
E39-245 MIT
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA

Fax (617) 258-6043


MITWPL 33, Papers on Morphology and Syntax, Cycle One.
Karlos Arregi, Benjamin Bruening, Cornelia Krause, and Vivian Lin, eds.

Maya Arad
	On "Little v"
Degif Petros Banksira
	Chaha Subject Affixes as Two Independent Heads
James Harris
	Nasal Depalatalization _no_, Morphological
	Wellformedness _s�_; the Structure of Spanish Word Classes
Anders Holmberg
	Yes and No in Finnish: Ellipsis and Cyclic Spell-Out
Michela M. Ippolito
	On the Past Participle Morphology in Italian
LaVerne Jeanne and Ken Hale
	Hopi -na
Simin Karimi
	Is Scrambling as Strange as We Think It Is?
Cornelia Krause
	Two Notes on Prenominal Possessors in German
Julie Anne Legate
	The Morphosyntax of Irish Agreement
Vivian Lin
	Determiner Sharing
Isabel Oltra-Massuet
	On the Constituent Structure of Catalan Verbs
Taylor Roberts
	Unbalanced Coordination and Resumptive Pronouns
Juan Romero
	The Case of Agreement
Adam Szczegielniak
	'That-t Effects' Cross-Linguistically
	and Successive Cyclic Movement

MITWPL 34, Papers on Morphology and Syntax, Cycle Two.
Vivian Lin, Cornelia Krause, Benjamin Bruening, and Karlos Arregi, eds.

Tomoyuki Yoshida
	LF Subjacency Effects Revisited
Thomas Roeper
	Leftward Movement in Morphology
Norvin Richards
	Dependency Formation and Directionality of Tree Construction
Andrea Rackowski
	Morphological Optionality in Tagalog Aspectual Reduplication
Lynn Nichols
	The Role of Tense in Extending Minimal Domains
Jon Nissenbaum
	Words as 'Phases': Evidence from English Stress
Meltem Kelepir
	Turkish NPIs and the Scope of Negation
Daniel Harbour
	Two Types of Predicate Clefts: Classical Hebrew and Beyond
Beatriz Fern�ndez
	On Split Ergativity: Evidence from Basque
Miriam Engelhardt
	Nominalization and Control Theory
David Embick and Rolf Noyer
	Locality in Post-Syntactic Operations
Mar�a Cristina Cuervo
	Quirky But Not Eccentric: Dative Subjects in Spanish
Karlos Arregi
	Person and Number Inflection in Basque
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