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Mon Oct 18 1999

Sum: Code-switching/ French-Kali'na

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  1. Sophie ALBY, Code-switching/ French-Kali'na

Message 1: Code-switching/ French-Kali'na

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 15:04:58 -0200
From: Sophie ALBY <>
Subject: Code-switching/ French-Kali'na

I've received many answer to my mail (15/10/99) concerning the difference
between code-switching & code-mixing :
"I am presently doing some doctoral work on language contact french-kali'na
(an amerindian language spoken in French Guiana - Carib family) and I'm
looking for informations on the distinction between code-shifting /
code-switching / code-mixing."

Thanks to everybody.

As a summary here are the references I was given :

there is a distinction between code-switching and code-mixing in Meisel

Other articles :
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x-bar theory: The functional head constraint, in: Linguistic Inquiry 25,
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The following books each have at least one chapter reviewing this

 Milroy, L. & Muysken, P., eds. (1995), One speaker, two languages:
Cross-disciplinary perspectives on code-switching, Cambridge: Cambridge U.P.
 Myers-Scotton, C. (1993), Duelling Languages. Grammatical structure in
codeswitching, Oxford: Clarendon Press.
 Romaine, S. (1989), Bilingualism, Oxford: Blackwell.

 Also, virtually every issue of the International Journal of Bilingualism
addresses the matter (London: Kingston Press Services, first issue March

MacSwann, Jeff. 1999. A Minimalist
Approach to Intrasentential Code Switching. New York & London: Garland
Publishing. It's a pretty good book which also presents the lay of the
land, educational issues, corpora and syntactic analysis. 
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