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Thu Oct 21 1999

All: New Jobs Information Network Page

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  1. Helen Aristar Dry, Jobs Information Network Page, Volunteers Needed

Message 1: Jobs Information Network Page, Volunteers Needed

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 13:30:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Helen Aristar Dry <>
Subject: Jobs Information Network Page, Volunteers Needed

	Dear Subscribers,
	As you know, LINGUIST is a rich source of information about jobs 
	in linguistics and related fields. We are aware that many of you 
	depend on us to provide a current list of available positions. We 
	have, however, received a number of complaints about ads that (1) 
	are misleading or (2) have wording that is discriminatory by US
	This has put us in something of a quandary. We are an
	international organization, and we realize that standards differ 
 in different countries. Moreover, we don't want to conceal any job
	opportunities from the linguistics community. Many job-seekers 
	might want to apply for the positions in question even if they 
	thoroughly understood the job conditions. For these reasons and 
	others (e.g., our lack of firsthand knowledge, both of job conditions 
	and relevant laws), we want to continue our open jobs-posting 
	However, we are unequivocally in favor of providing as much 
	information as possible to job-seekers, so that they can make 
	informed decisions. So we have come up with an idea that we 
	hope will partially address these difficulties. It will also, 
 we believe, provide a useful ancillary service quite apart from 
 any problems it solves. 
	We are starting a Jobs Information Network page, where people 
	with knowledge of employment conditions in different countries will 
	be listed, along with their email addresses. Our job 
	announcements will include a link to this page, and job-seekers will 
	be encouraged to contact these linguists for information. These 
	well-travelled linguists might offer information about general working 
	conditions, mores, applicaton procedures, and so forth, in the 
	countries they know--furnishing the kind of advice that many 
	international job-seekers would appreciate, whether or not they 
	have any fears about job discrimination.
	We need volunteers to act as consultants. If you would be willing to 
	provide this valuable service to your fellow linguists, please let me 
	know at
	and let me know which country or countries you can represent. 
	Needless to say, we are seeking individuals willing to discuss the 
	US job market with job-seekers from abroad, as well as those able 
	to explain non-US job procedures to Americans.
	And, as always, we appreciate your suggestions as well as your 
	Helen, Anthony, Andrew
	Moderators, LINGUIST
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