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Sat Oct 23 1999

Books: Available for Review

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  1. Andrew Carnie, Books & Software available for review

Message 1: Books & Software available for review

Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 21:43:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: Andrew Carnie <>
Subject: Books & Software available for review

The following books are available for review. Please contact the
Linguist List Review Editor: Andrew Carnie at

if you are interested in reviewing one of the following 

***When asking to review a book please include the 
following in your message:
 -the title of the book you wish to review
 -your full name and highest degree received
 -your affiliation
 -a short description of your research interests
 -a snail mail address for us to send the book to 
(this is VERY important)

Do *not* include an electronic CV, nor a URL for your 
personal web page. These *will* be ignored. 

Reviews must be completed within 4 weeks of receipt of the 
book or the book must be returned.



MonoConc Pro for PC-compatible machines. Concordance 
Program. Produced by Athelstan: Houston Texas.


Bernstein Ratner, Nan and E. Charles Healey (eds) (1998) 
Stuttering research and practice: Bridging the Gap. 
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates: Mahwah NJ

Biber, Douglas, Susan Conrad and Randi Reppen (1999) Corpus 
Linguistics. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge

Bloom, Paul, Mary Peterson, Lynn Nadel and Merrill Garrett 
(1999) Language and Space. MIT Press: Cambridge MA.

Boysson-Bardies, Benedicte (1999) 	How language comes to 
children. MIT Press: Cambridge.

Brentari, Diane (1999) A Prosodic model of Sign Language 
Phonology. MIT Press: Cambridge MA.

Brinton, Laurel and Minoji Akimoto (eds) (1999) 
Collocational and Idiomatic Aspects of Composite Predicates 
in the History of English. John Benjamins: Philadelphia.

Carstairs-McCarthy, Andrew (1999) The Origins of Complex 
Language: An Inquiry into the Evolutionary Beginning of 
Sentences, Syllables and Truth. Oxford University Press: 

Chambers, J.K. and Peter Trudgill (1999) Dialectology (2nd 
Edition). Cambridge University Press. 

Chamberlain, Charlene, Jill P. Morford, and Rachel I. 
Mayberry (1999) Language Acquisition by Eye. Lawrence 
Erlbaum Associates: Mahwah, NJ

Coleman, John (1999) Phonological Representations: Their 
names forms and powers. Cambridge University Press: 

Darnell, Michael et al. (1999) Functionalism and Formalism 
in Linguistics. John Benjamins: Philadelphia. (TWO VOLUMES)

Davies, Alan (1999) An Introduction to Applied Linguistics: 
>From Practice to Theory. Edinburgh University Press; 

Dimitrova-Vulchanova, Mila and Lars Hellan (eds) (1999) 
Topics in South Slavic Syntax and Semantics. John 
Benjamins: Philadelphia

Downes, William (1999) Language and Society. Cambridge 
University Press: Cambridge

Dziwirek, Katarzyna, Herbert Coats, Cynthia M. Vakareliyska 
(eds) (1999) [Formal] Approaches to [Slavic] Linguistics: 
The Seattle Meeting 1998. Michigan Slavic Publications: Ann 

Edwards, John (ed) (1999) Language in Canada. Cambridge 
University Press: Cambridge

Hall, T. Alan and Kleinhez, Ursala (eds) (1999) Studies on 
the Phonological Word. John Benjamins: Philadelphia

Hammond, Michael (1999) The Phonology of English: A 
Prosodic Optimality-Theoretic Approach. Oxford University 
Press: Oxford.

Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff (1999) 
The Origins of Grammar: Evidence from Early Language 
Comprehension. MIT Press: Cambridge MA.

Hirst, Daniel and Di Cristo Albert (1999) Intonation 
Systems: A Survey of Twenty Languages. Cambridge University 
Press: Oxford.

Hurford, James, Michael Studdert-Kennedy and Chris Knight 
(1999) Approaches to the Evolution of Language. Cambridge 
University Press: Cambridge

Kager, Ren�, Harry Van der Hulst and Wim Zonneveld (1999) 
The Prosody- Morphology Interface. Cambridge University 
Press: Cambridge

Kornai, Andr�s (1999) Extended Finite State Models of 
Language. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

Lefebvre, Claire (1999) Creole Genesis and the acquisition 
of Grammar: The case of Haitian creole. Cambridge 
University Press: Cambridge

Obler, Loraine and Kris Gjerlow (1999) Language and the 
Brain. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge

Radford, Andrew, Martin Atkinson, David Britain, Harald 
Clahsen, and Andrew Spencer (1999) Linguistics: An 
Introduction. Cambridge University Press.

Rohrbacher, Bernhard (1999) Morphology-Driven Syntax. John 
Benjamins: Philadelphia.

Setton, Robin (1999) Simultaneous Interpretation: A 
cognitive-pragmatic analysis. John Benjamins: Philadelphia.

Spolsky, Bernard (ed) (1999) Concise Encyclopedia of 
Educational Linguistics. Pergamon (Elsevier Science): 

Sutton-Spence, Rachel and Bencie Woll (1999) The 
Linguistics of British Sign Language: An Introduction. 
Cambridge University Press: Cambridge
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