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Wed Feb 3 1999

FYI: Mathematical linguistic contest

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  1. Ivan A Derzhanski, Lx Contest

Message 1: Lx Contest

Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 12:23:47 -0800
From: Ivan A Derzhanski <>
Subject: Lx Contest

The 18th Winter Mathematical Competitions for Bulgarian high school
students were held in Varna on 29-31 January. As in all but the first
few years, they included contests in computer science and linguistics
as well as mathematics. As last year, I was invited to put together
the test for the contest in linguistics and be the judge and jury.

The 18 contestants from 6 Bulgarian cities had to solve three
problems, each of which required them to analyse data from an unknown
language, taking notice of certain relevant facts, and then to
transcribe or translate a set of test words and phrases. This year's
problems involved the Cree syllabary, Hausa morpho- (phono)logy and
Sino-Korean compounding.

Reports on the contest in both Bulgarian and English including the
problems and solutions and the contestants' performance will be
published in due course. Meanwhile the Bulgarian text of the problems
and solutions is available from me in PostScript format or on paper.
If you are interested, do let me know.

Ivan A Derzhanski
H cplx Iztok bl 91, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
W Dept for Math Lx, Inst for Maths & CompSci, Bulg Acad of Sciences
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