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Thu Oct 28 1999

Qs: English Subjunctive, Cyber-linguistics

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  1. Paul N Strominger, English 'subjunctive'
  2. Larry Chong(��ȯ), Cyber-linguistic Features

Message 1: English 'subjunctive'

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 09:51:51 -0700 (MST)
From: Paul N Strominger <pnsU.Arizona.EDU>
Subject: English 'subjunctive'

Regarding these constructions:

1) I suggest that he do it.

Could anyone supply a reference to any treatment in the literature, no
matter how obscure? The problem is, how does \he\ get case in 1). I would
also appreciate any suggestions and/or examples from languages which
contain constructions that might conceivably be related to 1). The family
of verbs in English that behave like 1) includes (prefer, intend, demand,

Thanks, Paul Strominger
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Message 2: Cyber-linguistic Features

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:01:51 +0900
From: Larry Chong(��ȯ) <>
Subject: Cyber-linguistic Features

Dear Linguists,

I am on the way to research the topic about Cyberlinguistic Nature on CyberWorld.
But I have some hard time to get a right information here.
Here I have some urgent questions.
If you have any information or opinion, please help me study this.

1. Does anyone know the site or list which have (Acronyms, clippings,
blends, awkward cases, facetious forms) and Abbreviations and
emotional & gesture signal(emotion icon) using on Internet Relay

2. Are there any AHSI & SSCI listed journals related to Cyber Linguistics or CALL?

3. Are there anyone want to research cross-cultural features of
Cyber-linguistics between your Natives & Korean Languages?

4. Do you think it is OK for EFL students to be exposed on IRC or CMC circumstance?

I am opening my door to anyone who wants to join this topic.

Please let me know your opinion & interest in this case.

Larry Dwan Chong,Ph.D.
Dean & Professor
School of Foreign Languages & Tourism
Kyongju University
42-1, Hyohyundong, Kyongju, Rep. Korea
Tel: +82-561-770-5134
Fax: +82-561-748-2812
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