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Sun Oct 31 1999

FYI: NEH application,Protosociology Announcement

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  1. Arnold, Douglas, National Endowment for the Humanities: Applications to Conduct a Seminar or Institute in Summer 2001
  2. Gerhard Preyer, Protosociology: Announcement

Message 1: National Endowment for the Humanities: Applications to Conduct a Seminar or Institute in Summer 2001

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 10:53:40 -0400
From: Arnold, Douglas <>
Subject: National Endowment for the Humanities: Applications to Conduct a Seminar or Institute in Summer 2001

National Endowment for the Humanities
Applications to Conduct an NEH Seminar or Institute 
in Summer 2001

Application Deadline: March 1, 2000.

Each summer the National Endowment for the Humanities supports faculty
development through residential seminars and institutes. These
projects are designed to provide teachers from across the nation with
intensive study of important texts and topics in the humanities.
Seminars and institutes are intended to foster excellent teaching by
encouraging collegial discussion of humanities topics within
close-knit scholarly communities. They also promote active
scholarship in the humanities in ways suited to teachers at all levels
from grade school through college.

Now is a good time to begin drafting a proposal to direct a seminar or
institute, or to contact a colleague whom you think might be
interested in developing a project. The NEH is supporting 27 projects
for school teachers and 22 for college and university faculty in the
summer of 2000. If you or your colleagues would like to apply to
offer a seminar or institute in 2001, please be in touch with one of
the NEH program staff listed below to discuss your application.
Program staff can answer questions, provide samples of successful
applications, and comment on an informal draft. Staff can usually
help anticipate questions that are likely to arise in the review

The application guidelines can be found on the NEH Web site at Printed copies can be
obtained by e-mailing If you have any questions or
suggestions, please do not hesitate to call on the staff at the NEH
Division of Education Programs. For general questions, call Joyce
Ferguson at 202-606-8463 or Jean Hughes at 202-606-8471, or contact
one of the program officers listed below. We look forward to working
with you.
Thomas Adams 202-606-8396	
Douglas Arnold 202-606-8225
Barbara Ashbrook 202-606-8388
Ralph Canevali 202-606-8387	
Wilsonia Cherry 202-606-8495
Janet Edwards 202-606-8593
Judy Jeffrey Howard 202-606-8398
F. Bruce Robinson 202-606-8213
Robert Sayers 202-606-8215
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Message 2: Protosociology: Announcement

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 23:17:03 +0100
From: Gerhard Preyer <>
Subject: Protosociology: Announcement

An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
J.W. Goethe-Universitdt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Homepage im World Wide Web

Feel free to load down from our Homepage

Vol. 11: Cognitive Semantics II - Externalism in Debate
Unit: Special Service, Keyword: gavagai

Our S p e c i a l O f f e r

Vol. 12 After the Received View Developments of the Theory of Science
Vol. 10 Cognitive Semantics II - Conceptions of Meaning
Vol. 8/9 Rationality II/III
- content see our Homepage
Three digital Journals of Protosociology for the price of two 15,-- $
(Acrobat 3.0). Order e-mail via Homepage Payment with cheque.
Delivery: downloading with keyword from our Homepage.

Vol. 12 1999 - Special Edition: After the Receivied View. Developments
in the Theory of Science, edited by Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter,
Alexander Ulfig
in memoriam Wolfgang Stegm|ller
Logical Operationalism Significance and Meaning
Wilhelm K. Essler: Truth and Knowledge. Some Considerations concerning
the Task of Philosophy of Science; Gerhard Preyer: The Received View,
Incommensurability and Comparision of Theories - Beliefs as the Basis of

Theorizing; Robert Schwartz: Reflections on Projection; Jeffrey E. Foss:

The Logical and Sociological Structure of Science
Structuralism Meaningful Measurement The Conception of Physical Law
C. Ulises Moulines: Structuralism vs. Operationalism; Nicholas Rescher:

Meaningless Numbers; R.I.G. Hughes: Laws of Nature, Laws of Physics,
and the Representational Account of Theories; James R. Brown:
Einstein's Principle Theory
Inductive Inferences Interpretation of Probability Game Theory
Kevin T. Kelly, Cory Juhl: Transcendental Deductions and Universal
Architectures for Inductive Inferences; Howard H. Harriott: R.A. Fisher
and the Interpretation of Probability; Brian Skyrms: Evolution of an
Properties Underdetermination Scientific Realism
Georg Schlesinger: Degrees of Characterizations; Carl A. Matheson:
Observational Adequacy as distinct from the Truth about Observables;
Thomas R. Grimes: Scientific Realism and the Problem of
Underdetermination; Paul C.L. Tang: On Paul Churchland's Treatment of
the Argument from Introspection and Scientific Realism
Rationality Metaphors Values in Science
David Resnik: Scientific Rationality and Epistemic Goals; Aldo
Montesano: Rationality in Economics: A General Framework; Joseph Agassi:

Science Real and Ideal: Popper and the Dogmatic Scientist; Michael
Bradie: Models and Metaphors in Science; David Gruender: Values and the
Philosophy of Science

Order: single print from editiorial office via email, see:
payment by cheque with order $ 40 including posting & packing.


"Protosociology occupies an important position in the European
intellectual scene, bridging philosophy, economics, sociology and
related disciplines. Its volumes on rationality bring together concerns
in all these topics, and present an important challenge to the cognitive

Donald Davidson, Berkeley (USA)

"Protosociology publishes original papers of great interest that deal
with fundamental issues in the human and social science. No academic
library is complete without it."
Nicholas Rescher, Pittsburgh (USA)

"Protosociology has been remarkably successful in publishing interesting

work from different tradition and different disciplines and, as the
title signals, in giving that work a new, eye-catching slant."
Philipp Pettit, Canberra, Australia

"Protosociology is a truly premier interdisciplinary journal that
publishes articles and reviews on timely topics written by and for a
wide range of international scholars. The recent volumes on rationality
are remarkable for their breadth and depth. Protosociology would be a
great addition to any library."
Roger Gibson, St. Louis (USA)

An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
and Project: Protosociology
J.W. Goethe-Universitdt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Homepage im World Wide Web
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