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Wed Feb 3 1999

Qs: "Duplication", Accents

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  1. zmaalej, "Duplication"
  2. daniel rafferty, Philadelphian accent, Californian accent

Message 1: "Duplication"

Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 15:04:00 +0100
From: zmaalej <>
Subject: "Duplication"

Dear linguists,

I have engaged in a pragmalinguistic investigation of what I am
provisionally calling "duplication" in Tunisian Arabic. It consists in
using two lexical items or a collocation as in what follows:

- ka'ba ka'ba (one each)
- l-qatl wa l-maktul (the killing and the killed)
- r-raajil raajil (the male a male)

Leaving aside the syntactic dimension for the time being, such types
of duplication play various pragmatic functions in TA. 
My query relates to the following points:

(i) Does the same phenomenon exist in other languages? 
(ii) If it exists, what pragmatic function(s) does it serve? 
(iii) Does someone on the list know of any publications in this area 
(papers/books) ?

If this topic turns out to be attractive to colleagues, a summary will
be posted to the List.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Zouhair Maalej
University of Tunis I

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Message 2: Philadelphian accent, Californian accent

Date: Wed, 03 Feb 1999 08:09:47 PST
From: daniel rafferty <>
Subject: Philadelphian accent, Californian accent

I am looking for (mostly phonetic) information on the Philadelphian
and Californian accents, mainly info on the vowels. E.g. Californian
"love" is sounded somewhat like "lev": is this an instance of a
rounded front vowel or an unrounded back vowel? Also, what is the
proper IPA representation of the sound of a in Philadelphian "bad"?
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