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Fri Nov 5 1999

Books: Langs of Israel, Literacy

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  1. Kathryn King, Languages of Israel, B. Spolsky & E. Shohamy
  2. Kathryn King, Language & Literacies, T. O'Brien (Ed)

Message 1: Languages of Israel, B. Spolsky & E. Shohamy

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 16:25:10 +0000
From: Kathryn King <>
Subject: Languages of Israel, B. Spolsky & E. Shohamy

The Languages of Israel
Policy, Ideology and Practice

Bernard Spolsky and Elana Shohamy
(Bar-Ilan University and Tel-Aviv University)

Key Features:
� Original and comprehensive treatment
� Gives a balanced analysis of the history and status languages spoken
in Israel
� Considers the major linguistic impact of nearly one million recent

This book is an original and comprehensive treatment of the languages of
Israel - of the practice and of the ideology. Against the background of
an original theory of language policy set out in the opening, it asks
about the extent to which the present linguistic pattern may be
attributed to explicit language planning activities. The chapters give
balanced analyses of the history and current status of the revitalized
national language Hebrew, of the second official language Arabic, of the
all-pervasive international language English, of the large number of
immigrant languages brought to Israel, and in particular of the fate of
the many Jewish languages. This is all tied together with a reasoned
account of the new language education policy, and a consideration of the
likelihood that the long hegemony of Hebrew is giving way to an evolving
acceptance of linguistic diversity.

1. Language Practice and Policy in Israel 
2. Language Policy 
3. Hebrew as a Mother Tongue 
4. Hebrew Language Acquisition and Diffusion Policies 
5. Arabic - The Language of the 'Minorities' 
6. Teaching Arabic as a Second Language 
7. English: Everybody's Second Language 
8. The Other Languages of the Immigrants 
9. The Loss and Maintenance of Jewish Languages
10. Languages of Recent Immigrants 
11. Change or Continuity

Author Information:
Bernard Spolsky is professor of English at Bar-Ilan University in Israel
and director of its Language Policy Research Center. His most recent
book is Sociolinguistics (Oxford), and he is currently editing the
Concise Encyclopedia of Educational Linguistics (Elsevier).
Elana Shohamy is professor of Education at Tel Aviv University and has
been director of research at the National Foreign Language Center in
Washington. Her book Second Language Research Methods (Oxford) is a
classic, and she is just finishing The Power of Tests: A Critical
Perspective (Longmans).

Bilingual Education and Bilingualism No. 17 (BE17) 
September 1999 292pp
Hbk ISBN 1-85359-452-0 �49.00 US$79.00 CAN$99.00
Pbk ISBN 1-85359-451-2 �23.00 US$39.95 CAN$49.95

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Message 2: Language & Literacies, T. O'Brien (Ed)

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 16:22:36 +0000
From: Kathryn King <>
Subject: Language & Literacies, T. O'Brien (Ed)

Language and Literacies
Edited by Teresa O'Brien (University of Manchester, UK)

The theme chosen for the 31st BAAL Annual Meeting, held in September
1998 at the University of Manchester, UK was Language and Literacies.
This volume contains selected papers from the Meeting.

Introduction - Teresa O'Brien, University of Manchester
1. National Literacy Strategy: A debate - Jill Bourne, University of
Southampton; Gunther Kress, Institute of Education, University of
London; Brian Street, King's College, University of London; Alison
Sealey, University of Warwick 
2 . Literacy and Oracy Assessment in an Early Years Intervention
Project - Sheena Gardner, University of Warwick and Pauline Rea-
Dickins, University of Bristol
3. The Role of Social Class and Home Literacy Practices in Literacy
Proficiency in a Group of Chilean Adolescents - John Gibbons, University
of Sydney; Elizabeth Lascar, University of New South Wales; Maria Isabel
Mizon Morales, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
4. `How Many Bumps does a Dromedary Have?' Literacies in the EFL
classroom - Paula Kalaja and Anne Pitk�nen-Huhta, University of
5. Critical Literacy as Classroom Interaction - Catherine Wallace,
University of London
6. Authoring in Student Academic Writing: Regulation and desire -
Theresa Lillis, Sheffield Hallam University
7. Contrastive Rhetoric: New research avenues - Ulla Connor, University
of Indiana
8. The 1998 Reform of German Orthography - Sally Johnson, University of
9. Women's Literacy in a Rural Pakistani Community - Shirin Zubair,
University of Cardiff
10. Issues for a Working Agenda in Literacy - Gunther Kress, University
of London
11. Label Literacy: Factors affecting the understanding and assessment
of baby food labels - Guy Cook, University of Reading and Kieran
O'Halloran, University of London

British Studies in Applied Linguistics No. 14 160 pages September 1999
Pbk ISBN 1-85359-486-5 �19.95 US$34.95 CAN$40.95

Multilingual Matters Ltd
Frankfurt Lodge, Clevedon Hall
Victoria Road, Clevedon, North Somerset BS21 7HH, UK
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