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TOC: Western Conference on Linguistics 1998

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  1. ellyvangelderen, Western Conference on Linguistics 1998 Proceedings

Message 1: Western Conference on Linguistics 1998 Proceedings

Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 12:34:05 -0700 (MST)
From: ellyvangelderen <>
Subject: Western Conference on Linguistics 1998 Proceedings

WECOL 1998 Proceedings

The WECOL 1998 Proceedings are now available.
The cost is $20 and $2 for shipping. To order a copy, please 
send a check for $22 to Ruth Aparicio, Dept of Linguistics,
California State University, Fresno, CA 93740-0092.

Previous volumes are also available at $16 plus shipping.

Table of Contents for Volume 10, Proceedings of WECOL 1998, held at
Arizona State University:

The Left Periphery: some Facts from Gungbe
Enoch Oladi Aboh, Universite de Geneve
Optional Movement and Feature Attraction
Brian Agbayani, University of California, Irvine
On Some Syntactic Conditions on Presuppositions
Marc Authier and Lisa Reed, The Pennsylvania State University
Argument Composition, Contrastive Focus, and the Internally Headed Relative
Chan Chung, Dongseo University
Reconsidering Weight Complementarity in Korean Partial Reduplication
Chin Wan Chung, Indiana University
Radically Local and Partial Wh-movement in Madurese
William D. Davies, University of Iowa
Onset Motivated Overcopy in Reduplication
Laura J. Downing, University of California Berkeley
Root Infinitives and Full CP Structures: Types of Dutch Wh-root infinitives
Eric Drewry, Tunghai University, and the University of Delaware
Easy Clauses to Mistake as relatives: The Syntax of English Postnominal
Stanley Dubinsky, University of South Carolina
Porque si: the Acquisition of Discourse markers in Spanish
Pilar Duran, Boston University
The Structure of a Lexicon: Navajo (and other) Verbs
Leonard Faltz, Arizona State University
On the Parallelism between Possessor Extraction and Subject Extraction
Lena Gavruseva, University of Iowa
Discourse Restrictions on Multiple Wh and Syntactic Implications
Kleanthes Grohmann, University of Maryland, College Park
Hopi Nominal Reduplication without Templates
Sean Hendricks, University of Arizona
Everything you always Wanted to Know about Complementizer Agreement
Eric Hoekstra and Caroline Smits, Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam
Case-marking and Topicality in the Korean Causative Construction
Jong-Bai Hwang, University of Oregon
WH-Clefts in Lummi (North Straits Salish)
Eloise Jelinek, University of Arizona
The Role of Typology in L2 Acquisition
Euen Hyuk Jung, Georgetown University
A Two-Root Theory of Korean Geminate Consonants
Eon-Suk Ko, University of Pennsylvania
Audible Silence: Silent Moras in Japanese Verse
Kumi Kogure and Mizuki Miyashita, University of Arizona
A Constraint-Based Account of Ordering Paradox between Aspiration and Cluster
Simplification in Korean
Shinsook Lee and Mi-Hui Cho, Hoseo University and Pukyong National University

Embedded Topicalization in English and Japanese
Hideki Maki, Lizanne Kaiser, and Masao Ochi, Salem-Teikyo University, Yale
University, and University of Connecticut
The DP Hypothesis and Connectedness in Specificational Sentences
Yuki Matsuda, University of Washington
Nominative Objects and Lack of Multiple Feature-checking in Child Japanese
Kazumi Matsuoka, University of Memphis
On the Extent of Trace Deletion in ACD
Jason Merchant, University of California, Santa Cruz
Linearization Properties of Romanian Clitics
Paola Monachesi, Utrecht University
Case Conversion in Japanese and the Nature of Move F
Masao Ochi, University of Connecticut
Thetic/Categorical Judgment and Relative Clauses in Korean
Hyeson Park, University of Arizona
Focus Movement and WH-questions in Malagasy
Ileana Paul, McGill University
A Syntax for Adverbs
Eric Potsdam, Yale University
Root Infinitives in Agrammatic Speech: Dissociated Functional Projections
Esterella de Roo, Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics, Leiden

The Interplay between Grammar and Discourse: The Case of the Japanese Topic
Marker Wa in Subordinate clauses
Mitsuaki Shimojo, SUNY Buffalo
Extended Sympathy and English Hypocoristic Truncation
Seung-Hoon Shin, Dongseo University
Scrambling in Double Complement Constructions
Hooi Ling Soh, University of Michigan/Wayne State University
Emergent Unmarkedness: Alternations in Reduplicant or Base
Caro Struijke, University of Maryland, College Park
Multiple Wh-Questions and the Unique Specifier Position Hypothesis
Hidekazu Tanaka, McGill University
An Aspectual System in Language Shift: A Case Study of Baba Malay
Elzbieta Thurgood, California State University, Fresno
Causatives in Northern Sami and the Role of Dative Case
Mikael Vinka, McGill University
Nouns are Acquired before Verbs: Verbal Nouns in Japanese Children's Early
Yoshie Yamashita, Naruto University of Education
A Dynamic Theory of Binding
Jan-Wouter Zwart, University of Groningen
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