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Wed Nov 10 1999

Sum: For Query: 10.1659/ Verb Frequency Lists

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  1. Nancy Salay, For Query: 10.1659/ Verb Frequency Lists

Message 1: For Query: 10.1659/ Verb Frequency Lists

Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 15:44:18 -0600 (CST)
From: Nancy Salay <>
Subject: For Query: 10.1659/ Verb Frequency Lists

For Query: 10.1659

I promised to send a summary of responses in a week or two to the question
below, but, unfortunately, we experienced major server problems right
around the time I began receiving responses. The upshot is that all but
one have been lost. So, thanks to Kirsten (see response below) and to the
many others who responded. For those who have similar needs, the frequency
list I'm now using was prepared at ITRI in Brighton. Such files can be
downloaded from . 

Original Question:

Does anyone know where I can get a verb frequency list, preferrably
on-line and *free*, based on everyday
usage? These would be *much* appreciated. I'll post responses (if I get
any) in a week or two.

Only Response that survived:

Kirsten Beissner

Hi Nancy
the list in the article mentioned below is neither very up to date nor 
online, but still it may be of some help for you. I think if you would 
contact Prof. Sinclair or COBUILD directly, they will be able to give you 
valuable hints. 

Sinclair, J., & Renouf, A. (1988). A lexical syllabus for language
In Ronald Carter, & M.J. McCarthy. Vocabulary and language teaching.

best wishes
Kirsten Beissner

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