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Thu Nov 11 1999

Books: Prague Functionalism

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  1. Paul Peranteau, Prague Functionalism

Message 1: Prague Functionalism

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 21:25:20 -0500
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Prague Functionalism

John Benjamins Publishing announces the availability of this new work in
Prague Functionalism:

Prague Linguistic Circle Papers. Volume 3.
Travaux du cercle linguistique de Prague nouvelle s�rie.
Eva HAJICOV�, Tom�s HOSKOVEC, Oldrich LESKA, Petr SGALL and Zdena
Prague Linguistic Circle Papers 3
US & Canada: 1 55619 672 5 / USD 84.00 (Hardcover)
Rest of world: 90 272 5443 5 / NLG 168.00 (Hardcover)


O.Leska (): Prague School Linguistics: Units in Diversity; P.S�riot:
The Impact of Czech and Russian Biology on the Linguistic Thoughts of
the Prague Linguistic Circle; P.Sgall: Types of Languages and
Probabilistic Implication Laws; C.H.van Schoonveld: Are the
Phonological Distinctive Features Ordered?; Y.Tobin: Developmental and
Clinical Phonology: The Prague School and Beyond; E.Stankiewicz:
Grammatical Categories and Their Formal Patterns; B.H.Partee: Nominal
and Temporal Semantic Structure; Aspect and Quantification; H.Kucera:
In the Beginning Was the Verb: Markedness in Grammatical Categories;
J.Sabrsula: Aspect, Contexte, Distribution; W.U.Dressler: What is
Natural in Natural Morphology (NM)?; A.Steube and A.Sp�th:
Determination in German and Russian; T.Hoskovec: Sur la
paradigmatisation du verbe indo-europ�en (premi�re partie); M.Kom�rek:
Autosemantic Parts of Speech in Czech; A.Boguslawski: Inherently
Thematic or Rhematic Units of Language; E.Hajicov� and
I.Kruijff-Korbayov�: On the Notion of Topic; J.Firbas: The Theory of
Functional Sentence Perspective as a Reflection of an Effort Towards a
Means-Ends Model of Language; L.Duskov�: Basic Distribution of
Communicative Dynamism vs. Nonlinear Indication of Functional Sentence
Perspective; M.Jel�nek: Anregungen des Prager linguistischen Zirkels
zur Verwissenschaftlichung der Stilistik; J.V.Neustupny:
Sociolinguistics and the Prague School; L.R.Waugh: Roman Jakobson's
Intellectual Influence in America; H.Schnelle: Dichotomies in the
Brain - Jakobsonian and Modern.

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