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Sun Nov 14 1999

Qs: Do Support&Adj/Verb, Defusing Derogatory Lang.

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  1. dave gough, Do Support & Adjectives And Verbs
  2. Cote, Sharon A, Defusing derogatory language

Message 1: Do Support & Adjectives And Verbs

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 19:22:02 +0200
From: dave gough <>
Subject: Do Support & Adjectives And Verbs



I would like to find out about languages that show similar morphology for

adjectives and verbs where these are otherwise distinct classes. I'm

particularly - but not exclusively - interested in any cases of similar

morphology for stative verbs and adjectives.


Are there languages that treat adjectives that are either code mixed items

or borrowings differently from native adjectives? e.g. would 'fine' or

'sure' - as in 'I am fine', 'He is not sure' - have the same treatment in a
language that is not English as the other 'native' adjectives?

DO SUPPORT in negatives

What other languages, besides English, have the equivalent of do support in
the formation of negatives? e.g. I saw the man I did not see the man. What
is the equivalent that is used?

Please note that all these queries relate to a general area of research I am

presently involved in. I have previously asked a couple of similar questions

which I don't think were very clearly put. Will post a summary of

everything to this query.

Dave Gough
Department of Linguistics
University of Western Cape
South Africa

Tel +27 21 959 2978 (work)
Fax +27 21 959 2420 OR

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Message 2: Defusing derogatory language

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 16:33:23 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
From: Cote, Sharon A <>
Subject: Defusing derogatory language

I have a student who is looking for research on the use of 
epithets among members of a minority group originally 
targeted by these terms. In particular, he is interested 
in studies of the extent to which the power of an epithet 
can be defused when the target group "claims" the word for 

Can anyone suggest some good references on this subject? 

Thanks in advance,

Sharon Cote

Sharon A. Cote
Assistant Professor of Linguistics
English Department, James Madison University
Keezell 221, x2510
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