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Wed Nov 17 1999

Qs: Contour segments, Cognitive science in France

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  1. panning, Contour segments
  2. Marie K. Siffermann, Cognitive Science in France

Message 1: Contour segments

Date: 17 Nov 1999 03:07:26 -0000
From: panning <>
Subject: Contour segments

Contour segments or complex onsets like kw (labialized velar) are very
common in many languages. But I want to know if the contour segments
as pj,bj, mj(palatalized labials),tj, dj,nj(palatalized alveolars) and
labialized alveolars and labialized palatals exist in any languages. I
need this crosslinguistic evidence for my thesis. I really appreciate
it if you can supply me with the answer or part of the answer.I'll
post a summary for this contour segment survey.

Pan Ning

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Message 2: Cognitive Science in France

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 15:41:49 GMT
From: Marie K. Siffermann <>
Subject: Cognitive Science in France

Dear list members!

I am planning a project on emotion cognition and motivation based on 
Fauconnier's and Lakoff's work. I currently live in France and would like to 
study cognitive science here at graduate level, and would be thankful for 
information to my following questions. I'll be happy to mail a summary of 
the answers if this will be of interest for you.

Interdisciplinarity / Curriculum

Does the entry level to a graduate course in French CogSci (DEA) mean that 
only students from cognitive science's "standard disciplines" (AI, 
neuroscientists, psychologists, and computer and other engineers etc.) are 
accepted? (I've done an MA in literature with some cognitive linguistics). 
How did others from non-standard background cope with the curriculum and the 
general orientation of CogSci in France, also concerning PhD projects?


What are the possibilities for grants in France for DEA and PhD as a 
European citizen?
Are there companies in France which would be interested in such a project ?

All comments are welcome.


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