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Wed Nov 24 1999

Jobs: Psycho/NeuroLing./Montreal,CompuLing./Stockholm

Editor for this issue: Naomi Ogasawara <>


  1. Helene Kaufman, Post-doctoral fellowship in Montreal
  2. Jan Anward, Computational Linguistics: Lecturer at Stockholm University, Stockholm Sweden

Message 1: Post-doctoral fellowship in Montreal

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 10:47:53 -0500 (EST)
From: Helene Kaufman <>
Subject: Post-doctoral fellowship in Montreal


The international research group on the Mental Lexicon, funded by the
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Director and
Co-principal investigator: Dr. Gonia Jarema, at Universite de Montreal;
Co-principal investigator: Dr. Eva Kehayia, at McGill University and
Co-prinicipal investigator, Dr. Gary Libben, at University of Alberta) has
a position open for a Post-Doctoral fellow in Montreal at the Research
Centre of the Institut universitaire de geriatrie de Montreal.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. with a specialization in psycho and/or
neurolinguistics. Preference will be given to candidates with research
experience on the mental lexicon. The fellowship is a one-year position,
starting on April 3, 2000.
Salary: in accordance with the norms in force at the Universite de Montreal.

Applicants should be interested in conducting cross-language research on
the mental lexicon as part of an international collaborative research
initiative. The candidate will also be expected to mentor graduate students
working on the project.

Interested candidates should forward their curriculum vitae, a summary of
their doctoral dissertation, a 1- to 2-page research proposal, and two
letters of reference to Dr. Gonia Jarema, Project Director, by January 14,

Mailing address:

Centre de recherche
Institut universitaire de geriatrie de Montreal
4565 Queen Mary Road
Montr�al, Qu�bec
H3W 1W5

fax: 514-340-3548
NB: Attachments in Word 6.0 or equivalent please

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Message 2: Computational Linguistics: Lecturer at Stockholm University, Stockholm Sweden

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 04:42:20 -0500 (EST)
From: Jan Anward <>
Subject: Computational Linguistics: Lecturer at Stockholm University, Stockholm Sweden

Rank of Job: Lecturer
Areas Required: Computational Linguistics
Other Desired Areas: 
University or Organization: Stockholm University
Department: Dept. of Linguistics
State or Province: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Final Date of Application: Dec. 17 1999
Contact: Jan Anward

Address for Applications:
Stockholms universitet Registrator/PA
 106 91

Chancellor of the College of Humanities - Stockholm University		 
Kenneth Hjalmarsson
Tel. 08-16 21 30
Fax 08-16 25 69
Department of Linguistics
Stockholm University

is looking for a

(ref no. 612-2812/99)

Responsibilities will primarily include teaching courses and advising
undergraduate students at the advanced and master level 
(Swedish PK/MK levels) in computational linguistics, as well as being 
responsible for the organization and administration of the
courses at these levels. 
The position will also include advising doctoral students in
computational linguistics. Some teaching in general linguistics may be 

Work responsibilities, necessary qualifications and specifications of
the criteria used to judge applications are given in chapter three of
the Swedish higher education law (h�gskolelagen), 
in chapter four of the Swedish higher education regulations
(h�gskolef�rordningen) as well as in the university's employment ordinances. 

The qualified applicant will have a completed doctoral exam or
equivalent scientific qualifications as well as pedagogical skills.

Criteria used in evaluating applicants: Equal weight will be given to
scholarly and pedagogical merits. 
To a lesser degree applicants administrative abilities will be
taken into consideration. 
Applicants ability to work to promote contact with the world outside the
university and to inform about the research being done in the department
will also be considered. 

Applicants who wish to be employed with the status of professor should
make this clearly 
known in their application. 

More information can be obtained by contacting the head of the
Professor Jan Anward, tel. 08-16 2343.

Applications should include:
*		Certified summary of qualifications and a numbered list of
 scientific works 
*		Statement of intent (max. two pages)
*		Short (max five pages) description of applicants experience in
 research, education, administration
 (including development and managing of projects and staff), 
 information about research and development including contact 
 with organizations outside the university. 
 In this description, research results and pedagogical
 merits that the applicant considers most important should be
 clearly marked. Applicants are recommended to read the 
 universities document on the judgement of qualifications for 
 the employment of teachers.
 	(, or contact the administrative
 official given above).
*		Copies of transcripts and diploma as well as other relevant 
 letters of reference/certificates.
*		Those scientific works, numbered according to the list of
 publications above, that the applicant considers most
 relevant for the position. The publicantions themselves
 should not be sent together with the application. 
 When the committee of experts has been chosen to evaluate
 the applicants merits, applicants will be asked to send
 a complete set of all publications to each committee member
 at that time. 

Union representatives are Bo Ekengren (SACO), Lillemor Moberg (ST-ATF),
tel. 16 20 00 

Deadline for applications with the above reference number is December
17, 1999. Send applications to:
Stockholms universitet, Registrator/PA, 106 91 STOCKHOLM

Fax number of the Register:08-16 38 66
Applications sent by fax or email should be promtly complemented with a
signed hard copy sent by regular mail.
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