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Sat Nov 27 1999

Calls: Applied Ling:VALS-ASLA, Grammars:HPSG-2000

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  1. Eva Roos, Swiss Association for Applied Linguistics
  2. Dan Flickinger, Grammars:7th International Conference on HPSG

Message 1: Swiss Association for Applied Linguistics

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 12:42:51 +0100
From: Eva Roos <>
Subject: Swiss Association for Applied Linguistics

Call: Swiss Association for Applied Linguistics
Call for papers
VALS-ASLA Symposium
Communicating in professional multilingual environment
14th - 16th September 2000
in Lugano, Switzerland
The symposium's theme connects with the following issues: how does
multilingualism show itself in communication practices characterizing
departments, companies or institutions, where speakers of different
languages regularly or occasionally get in touch?
Those issues linked with multilingualism management at work become more and
more important in contemporary society. By raising them we will try to go
beyond a dichotomic thought that would lead to choose between "all english"
and the local language. In order to go beyond those symplifying solutions,
we have to consider different aspects of multilingual communication at work,
from various points of view (linguistic politics, legal aspect, interaction
analysis...) and in different contexts. The aim of this symposium is to
contribute to a better comprehension of those situations.
This symposium lies thus between two research traditions: on the one hand,
the traditions that concerns situations of plurilingual communication, where
code-switching and language choices - among others - are described, whether
they are linked with linguistic convergence or divergence; on the other
hand, the traditions that focuses on specificities of communication at work,
both in public services and in private companies.
We would like to connect those two fields of investigation in the symposium.
Therefore we ask for papers that present both empirical data and a
theoretical reflection on different modalities of multilingual communication
observed in socioprofessional places.
More information on:
E-Mail: Dr. Marinette Matthey,
E.Roos, Secretary VALS/ASLA
University of Berne, Switzerland
VASL/ASLA Homepage:

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Message 2: Grammars:7th International Conference on HPSG

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 21:32:12 -0800
From: Dan Flickinger <danfcsli.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Grammars:7th International Conference on HPSG


		 7th International Conference on
		 Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar
		 University of California, Berkeley

			 22-23 July 2000

The 7th International Conference on HPSG will be held on Saturday and Sunday,
July 22-23, 2000, as part of the Berkeley Formal Grammar Conference 2000 at 
the University of California, Berkeley, The event will consist of LFG2000 
(July 19-20), HPSG-2000 (July 22-23), and a common day of workshops on July 21,
entitled "Lexical and Constructional Explanations in Constraint-Based Grammar",
offering a valuable opportunity for interaction among researchers of these two

Abstracts for HPSG-2000 are solicited for 20-minute presentations (followed by
10 minutes of discussion) which address linguistic, foundational, or 
computational issues relating to the framework of Head-Driven Phrase Structure
Grammar. Authors are particularly encouraged to submit papers which will be
accessible to researchers and students working in both HPSG and LFG.


 We invite E-MAIL submissions of abstracts for 20-minute papers, to consist 
 of two parts

 1) a separate information page in plain text format, containing 
 - author name(s)
 - affiliation(s) 
 - e-mail and postal address(es) 
 - title of paper

 2) an extended abstract of not more than 5 (five) pages, including all
 figures and references. Abstracts may be either in plain ASCII or in 
 (unix-compatible encoded) PostScript, PDF, or DVI format.

 Abstracts should be sent to

 All abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by at least two reviewers,
 so authors are asked to avoid self-references in the abstracts.


 15 February 2000


 31 March 2000


 Pending final approval by the publisher, a selected number of papers will be 
 published as a volume in the CSLI series "Studies in Constraint-Based 
 Lexicalism". There will be a separate round of submission and reviewing for 
 this volume after the conference. 


 Web site for HPSG-2000 (up as of 29 November)

 For further information, email

 Program chair: Dan Flickinger, CSLI, Stanford University
 Local organizer: Andreas Kathol, Dept. of Linguistics, UC Berkeley
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